The Truth About Britt Moore From The Julia Child Challenge

Food Network's latest competition show, "The Julia Child Challenge," follows eight Julia Child super fans as they show off their skills in various cooking challenges that pay tribute to the esteemed culinary icon. Antonia Lofaso will lead the judges panel each episode, with the series premiere coming March 14 at 9 p.m. Eastern time on Food Network and the discovery+ streaming service. The lineup of contestants features an array of home cooks from all over the U.S. One of the eight is Britt Moore, a New Yorker who currently resides in Europe and works in digital marketing. 

Originally hailing from Georgia, Moore is no stranger to preparing meals for a crowd. In addition to growing up in the foodie city of Atlanta, she grew her passion for food at a young age by cooking alongside her own mother and watching Julia Child's shows. That passion evolved into her adulthood as she began hosting dinner parties and preparing what Food Network describes as "top-notch dishes." Her self-described culinary style is "Southern-Meets-French," which pays tribute to her own roots as well as the cuisine that Child is best known for popularizing.

Moore has a unique background in fashion and food

What will perhaps stand out to viewers most about Moore is her unique foray into the culinary world. Her LinkedIn page reveals that, unlike the typical Food Network competition show contestant, she doesn't come directly from a restaurant background. Before joining the show, Moore worked in fashion in New York City as a stylist, content creator, and more for publications like W Magazine and her own platform.

A self-taught home chef, Moore shares her meals and their accompanying recipes for digital audiences on her aptly titled Instagram and blog, The Cook Wears Coco, which reflects her appreciation for French food and fashion. At a glance, it's easy to see how her experience in fashion translates to food: Her social media is well-populated with beautiful photographs of delicately plated dishes that are, for lack of a better word, a visual feast. And of course, the connection to Child couldn't be more direct: In one post, Moore admits her favorite dish of all time is coq au vin, one of the chef's most famous dishes. If viewers are wondering what to expect from Moore in the upcoming competition series, they can consider what she says in one of her Instagram posts: "Food and fashion go hand in hand."