Costco Shoppers Say These Ice Cream Bars Are Better Than Häagen-Dazs

No matter how enticing a dinner entrée may sound, plenty of people are just dreaming about the dessert they'll indulge in immediately after the savory stuff. For some home cooks — even celebrity chefs — that sweet treat looks like Häagen-Dazs. Ina Garten, for example, has said the brand's vanilla ice cream is better than anything you could make from scratch. Kim Kardashian's favorite Häagen-Dazs flavor, dulce de leche, is also her "favorite thing in life."

According to Statista, there is only one store-bought ice cream brand that outsells Häagen-Dazs in the U.S., and that's Ben & Jerry's. That makes Brooklyn-born Häagen-Dazs the second most popular brand in the country, having brought in half a billion in sales in 2019. Still, that doesn't mean there aren't competitors who give the grocery store favorite a run for its money. Per shoppers on Reddit, when it comes to chocolate-covered ice cream bars, a budget-friendly Costco brand might actually have Häagen-Dazs beat.

These Kirkland Signature bars are like 'Fauxgen Dazs'

Move over, Häagen-Dazs — it looks like some Costco shoppers prefer the Kirkland Signature brand's ice cream bars over the HD originals. In one Reddit thread, a Costco shopper raved about the Kirkland bars, saying they were not expecting to "like them as much or even better than" their Häagen-Dazs counterpart. Plenty of other Reddit users agreed. "We call them Fauxgen Dazs!" one user joked. "Pretty much always have them in our freezer." "I've tried both and the Kirkland brand tastes way better," another person wrote. "Once I bought Hagen Dazs bars because they were on sale... never again. The Kirkland ones are so much better," chimed in another.

How are the Kirkland bars different? One user said the "ice cream is creamier and richer," while another said "the ratio of ice cream and chocolate is better because the bars are flatter." Plus, the quantity available for purchase is much larger: Each box contains 18 chocolate almond dipped vanilla ice cream bars. The thread contained a number of other comments praising Kirkland — and regular fans aren't the only ones who think this Costco brand is the best of the best. It turns out even singer John Mayer is a huge fan of Kirkland products, calling himself a member of the #kirkboys.