Pi Day 2022: Where To Get The Best Food Freebies And Deals

There's always a reason for restaurants and chains to give out free food, and we aren't complaining about promotions and great deals. This year, we've already had National Chili Day and National Bagel Day, but if you missed those, then be sure to catch some of the deals coming up for Pi Day.

Pi Day is on March 14, and if you write the date out, you'll get the first three digits of pi, 3.14. We've rounded up some of the tastiest promotions, which include plenty of pizza pies. For some of these deals, you'll need to mark your calendar and head to the store on March 14, but you can also participate in some of these giveaways and promotions throughout the month.

Need something sweet? You can always commemorate Pi Day at home by baking up a pie, and there are some seriously delicious pie recipes you'll wish you knew about sooner.

Blaze Pizza

As a pizza restaurant, it's no surprise that Blaze wants to jump in on offering its customers a Pi Day deal. Fast Casual reported that Blaze is doing a Pi Day deal for the ninth year in a row, and you can buy any 11-inch pizza from the chain for just $3.14. If you want to cash in on this deal, be sure to download the Blaze app and sign up for their rewards program in order to claim this promotion.

Plus, if you can't make it to your nearest Blaze location on March 14, you'll have the rest of the month to get your discounted pizza. Since you can make and customize your pizza at the restaurant, try these Blaze hacks that could just change your life.


Carnation might not sell pies, but they sure can give you the ingredients you need to make one yourself! If you want to enter Carnation's giveaway, just head over to their website and fill out your address and baking expertise. You'll be entered to win a baking kit to make a Cow Pie that's full of cocoa powder and "rich and creamy evaporated milk." Entries are open until the end of the day on March 14, and even if you don't win, Very Best Baking has a recipe for a Cow Pie that lists all the ingredients you'll need.


This year, Pieology is doing multiple giveaways for customers in honor of Pi Day. People explains that if you have a rewards account, making a purchase at Pieology on March 14 means that you'll get double the points. But if you want the chance to snag a free pizza, then head over to Pieology's Instagram page on March 11 or March 14 and leave a comment with the number of toppings you like on your pizza. On March 11, Pieology will be choosing three Instagram users to win a free pizza, and on March 14, the store will choose 14 winners.

White Castle

Although White Castle is known for its sliders, this isn't stopping the burger chain from giving away a freebie to their customers on Pi Day. With any purchase, you can get a free dessert-on-a-stick from White Castle. USA Today reports that the deal can be unlocked using a digital coupon that will be posted on the restaurant's social media. We checked the website's menu and the chain doesn't have pie, but customers have a few options for their free dessert. Choose from birthday cake, strawberry cheesecake, cheesecake covered in fudge, brownie, and gooey butter cake. In true White Castle fashion, all of these desserts come on a stick.


Like Blaze, 7-Eleven will also be offering $3.14 pizzas on Pi Day. According to PR Newswire, you can have a large pizza delivered or pick it up in-store for $3.14. This deal will only be available at 7-Eleven and Speedway on March 14, and you'll also need to be a rewards member to get a pizza for this price. More than 30% of people think that 7-Eleven has the best gas station food, so this could be the right time to go if you haven't tried the pizza before.