The One Food Padma Lakshmi Always Keeps In The Fridge

Not everyone can have a pantry like Khloé Kardashian's walk-in, which is filled to the brim with any and every snack you could imagine. Many do, however, have a list of essential items which they use to fill their average-sized pantries and fridges. The recommendation as to which basic items one should keep in their kitchen varies from necessities that would immediately come to mind like milk, eggs, and bread, to the less-recognized lemons or canned beans.

For the fridge, some argue that one should keep staples like peanut butter and yogurt, too. And as celeb chefs are known for their food advice, they are often asked to weigh in on the items they view as essentials for the kitchen. For instance, Giada De Laurentiis noted she always keeps chocolate, arugula and Parmigiano-Reggiano on hand, while Nigella Lawson chooses to pay more attention to must-haves like lemons and sea salt flakes. And the Pioneer Woman takes her cheese so seriously that she keeps six kinds on hand at all times.

What say you, Padma?

As a trusted source in the food world, Padma Lakshmi has earned the right to get in on the discussion of fridge favorites, too. Serving as a regular judge on Top Chef for years, in addition to authoring many published cookbooks, Lakshmi knows a thing or two about food. So when she says to stock your fridge with something, foodies should probably perk their ears up and listen.

And they did exactly that when Lakshmi took to Twitter recently to note the food she always likes to keep in her fridge: shredded cheese. Lakshmi's comment was a response to a post from Kim Chi who alluded to the fact that shredded cheese is often looked upon as "blasphemous," but notes that she still enjoys it as a casual snacking option.

Lakshmi not only confirmed her use of the "blasphemous" ingredient as well, but provided an example of how she uses it. She and her daughter "love nachos and it's much easier to whip up a plate at midnight with some on hand." Seems even the biggest food experts need a little cheat sometimes.