Wolfgang Puck Takes Fried Rice To The Next Level With Massive King Crab

Wolfgang Puck's most recent TikTok video showed the crossover of a century. The celebrity chef met up with ex-Michelin cook, Kevin Lee, and created some phenomenal-looking fried rice. In Lee's most recent Instagram post, the social media star disclosed that Puck proposed a bit of friendly competition — over who could make the best fried rice. After accepting, Lee then headed over to Wolfgang's kitchen in Merois, where the two worked side-by-side.

Lee is then seen combining bacon, rice, kimchi juice, and a secret sauce to create a bowl of fried rice that Puck calls, "beautiful." As a Michelin chef, Lee is well-versed in a number of different cuisines, but enjoys adding flavors from his Korean heritage to dishes, per Heritage Radio Network. In the video, Puck also states that he "learned a lot about Korean fried rice" from watching Lee in the kitchen.

After Lee had made him a delicious kimchi fried rice, Puck said that he had to, in return, "live up to his standard."

The juice is key in the sauce

One of the first shots in Wolfgang Puck's TikTok video was a massive king crab, which can only be harvested for three months out of the entire year. After removing all the meat from the shell, Puck tells the camera that he will be saving the "juice" inside for the sauce later. Puck then throws some bits of the crab into a stir fry, explaining that he will prepare this first before making the rice.

In a giant wok, the restaurateur then combines the crab meat with scallions, ginger, chili flakes, rice, and a bit of soy sauce. He then tops the finished dish with the stir fry and black bean sauce. Kevin Lee testified in the comments section of the video that Puck's creation was, in fact, delicious. "Everyone, it tasted even better than it looks! Was amazingggg," he wrote.

That leaves viewers with the question, "Who won the competition?" Both looked equally as drool-worthy, and Puck simply wrote in the comments, "They were both good."