Crumbl Is Celebrating St. Patrick's Day With A Lucky Cookie

Traditionally, St. Patrick's Day is for noshing on savory recipes like corned beef and cabbage. But Crumbl is hoping that people will celebrate with something sweet if they're feeling lucky. This past Sunday, the gourmet cookie company known for its ever-changing menu announced on its social media channels that this week's batch will feature a Lucky Charms-topped cookie just in time for everyone's favorite green-themed holiday. And well, let's just say it apparently has fans of the chain feeling like they struck gold. 

Per the description on the Crumbl website, the new, original flavor comes "with white chocolate chips, vanilla marshmallow frosting, and Lucky Charms® marshmallows sprinkled on top." It sounds like it's pretty much designed to highlight everyone's favorite part of the iconic cereal – the yummy marshmallows. No leprechaun traps required!

Additionally, this week's flavor lineup will include peanut butter cookies & cream, sea salt toffee, mint brownie, and a gold-coin topped sugar cookie (via Twitter). Like all other Crumbl cookies, they're available for purchase individually or in boxes of four, six, or one dozen. In the spirit of St. Patty's Day festivities, the company is no doubt hoping everyone's lucky cookie number isn't zero. 

A 'magically delicious' cookie

This isn't the first time Crumbl's famed cookies have combined with a popular cereal. Last week, the chain's flavor roster included  Cinnamon Toast-Crunch, Cornflakes, and Pebbles, the latter of which received high praise on Instagram. Judging from the reactions to chain's latest promotional video, which features high-def close-up shots of fluffy marshmallow-flavored frosting sprinkled with the heart-, star-, and horseshoe-shaped marshmallows many people likely remember from their childhood, it seems the Lucky Charms flavor charmed quite a few people. "Ummmmm lucky charms is my jammmmmmm," commented a Facebook user. On TikTok, another marshmallow admirer said, "The lucky charms one looks so good stop." Meanwhile, "Y'all stay being magically delicious!" gushed a third on Twitter under a gif showing a spoonful of flashing, neon-colored Lucky Charms cereal. 

Several people who have already tried this week's cookies have given the Lucky Charms flavor a thumbs up. On Youtube, reviewer, Megan Gill gave it high marks specifically because of the distinct, whipped marshmallow frosting, noting that it gave the cookie a nice overall flavor. Another review from taste test duo Mukbang Quality Time describes the cookie as "super sweet" but "really good," opining that the white chocolate chips in the Original cookie base make it a standout. On Twitter, user @ReneeAnn531 simply called it a "10 out of 10." Customers can purchase the Original Lucky Charms cookie, along with the other new flavors at participating Crumbl locations from now until March 19.