TikTok Isn't Buying This Costco Rotisserie Chicken Complaint

Costco is known for its low prices, one of them being the cost of its rotisserie chicken. Although some shoppers are afraid that Costco might raise the price of the chicken, for now, the chicken is just $5. This makes it a cheap and easy dinner since it's already fully cooked. However, recently, a Costco shopper claimed to have found something that may have cost them their peace of mind.

TikTok user @nakedbeauty posted a video about a rotisserie chicken they bought from Costco, alleging that they spotted holes and parasites. But many viewers didn't see an issue with this particular bird. Plenty of people insisted that the so-called parasites were just veins, leaving comments like, "A vein?" along with a laughing emoji and "It's veins..not parasites. Natural chicken." One person also had an explanation for holes: "No parasites it's a vein and they do poke them to check the temp."

One commenter not only seemed unconcerned by the post but also left a tip for using Costco's rotisserie chicken: "my husband got 2 rotisserie chickens from Costco the other day they were fine I shredded it and made tacos dorados." Even if TikTok users seemed to think this complaint was worth even less than the price of the chicken, it might also make you wonder if there were other times such allegations have been publicly made about Costco products.

Have other people made parasite complaints about Costco's products?

Are parasites in Costco's rotisserie chicken something customers should be worried about? We haven't found many instances of people lodging complaints. So it seems unlikely that many people are seeing parasites. But there have been at least a couple of instances in which customers allegedly found unseemly surprises in the food that they bought from Costco.

A few years ago, a family in Australia allegedly found live worms in their chicken and apparently supplied video evidence. Citing an interview with the Herald Sun, Yahoo! News, says the family claimed to have discovered worms in a chicken they bought from Costco. But this wasn't the store's rotisserie chicken; they had purchased a Steggles chicken. 

More recently, there was an incident in the United States that led a family in Los Angeles to sue Costco for $200,000. According to the plaintiffs, they bought some Kirkland brand halibut filets (via CBS Los Angeles). After cooking the fish, they purportedly realized live worms were in their meal. Thankfully, these complaints appear to be few and far between. Besides, there's always the option to try a copycat recipe for Costco's rotisserie chicken that just uses five ingredients.