Instagram Would Eat The Food Martha Stewart Cooks For Her Dogs

Martha Stewart is a good dog mom. You can clearly see her love for the species as she and her (coincidentally named) friend Snoop Dogg share hosting duties for the annual Puppy Bowl. And at home, Stewart has four canine companions of her own: two big (chow chows) and two small (French bulldogs). As Stewart isn't exactly short a buck or two, we imagine her pooches probably have top-end gear and toys, but if you asked them what the number-one factor is in judging their quality of life, they'd probably tell you it's all about the food.

Well, after seeing her latest Instagram post, we have no doubt that Chez Stewart receives a 5-star rating from Emperor Han and Empress Qin (the royal chows) as well as Creme Brulee and Bete Noire (the foodie frenchies). Stewart, it seems, would never expect her best friends to subsist on unadorned kibble, but instead whips up a tasty doggie stew that surely makes a delicious mix-in to their dried food. In fact, so tasty does it appear in the pics that quite a few of her followers said they'd gladly gobble it down, as well.

This doggie stew looks as tasty as any human food you'll see on Instagram

So what goes into Martha Stewart's homemade dog food? Plenty of meat, of course: venison, turkey (a whole one), blue fish, and salmon (heads, bones, and all). She also adds veggies: broccoli, butternut squash, carrots, peas, corn, kale, sweet potatoes, and Swiss chard. For a grain component, she uses quinoa. While her Instagram post does not provide proportions or directions, she directs the curious to her blog where she goes into greater detail about the entire process.

The dog food depicted in Stewart's photo looks absolutely nothing like any of the commercial products out there, even the high-end ones purporting to be made from only the finest and freshest of ingredients. One Instagram user did suggest, though, that "a fresh/frozen dog food line using this recipe would be brilliant!!" There were others who noted that they, also, make their own dog food from scratch, including one who said, "I do a crockpot version of this. Set and go." (Far easier for those of us who lack Stewart's domestic staff and expansive kitchen space, no doubt.) Many of the comments, however, agreed with the person who declared, "Martha's dogs eat better than me." Well, there's no reason that Stewart's meat and veggie stew recipe couldn't feed humans, too!