Chrissy Teigen Wants You To Make A Charcuterie Board For Your Puppy

Food grazing has become more than just an easy entertaining trick. From brunch to dessert, the charcuterie board has taken on new life and is a convenient way to sample a cornucopia of ingredients. For Chrissy Teigen, her love of a great board has been adapted so that all her family members can get a taste — even the four-legged ones. After all, doesn't that pampered pooch deserve the ultimate spread, too?

As seen in a recent Cravings Instagram post for National Puppy Day, Teigen showed her followers how to make a "paw-some barkcuterie for your pup." While any dog-friendly board needs to take into consideration dog-safe foods, the options are still quite diverse. In her offering, Teigen included cheese, jerky, fruits, vegetables, and even some treats. This bounty of food options is more than just a pile of stuff, however. From making dog bone-shaped cheese to even including a side of ranch for dipping, the visual is as important as the taste. 

Overall, the Instagram comments were positive, including genius idea as well as other pet parents considering making one for their pet.  Even if dogs see shades of gray, their noses can uncover a tasty treat — and hopefully, they have good eating manners like Pearl Teigen. 

Simple tips for making a puppy charcuterie board

While an overflowing board with a bounty of food choices might make an enticing visual, that puppy charcuterie board might need to have a little more balance. Although some humans might have the willpower to stop after a few nibbles, four-legged family members may need a little help applying moderation. As Dr. Brian Bourquin from Boston Veterinary Clinic told Eating Well, taking a dog's nutritional needs into consideration is key when creating that barkcuterie board. Although a treat can be encouraged, it cannot be a substitute for a well-balanced meal. Just like eating dessert first might happen once in a while, it cannot be an everyday habit. 

Pop Sugar compiled several Instagram posts featuring a wide array of dog charcuterie board options. Building on Dr. Bourquin's advice, the food on your board should be filled with smart choices. From extra fruits and veggies to avoiding foods that dogs cannot eat, you'll want to be selective. Even if your pampered pooch loves a peanut butter-filled Kong, this type of puppy platter could be a special treat, with or without that Puppuccino on the side.