Fans Noticed A Hilarious Detail On Mike's Hard Lemonade's Instagram Account

Over the past several years, brands have used social media as a tool to share important news and updates, drive product sales, answer customers' questions, and communicate with fans on a one-to-one basis. While some companies use social networking as a formal marketing channel, others use these platforms to showcase their brand voices in unique — and oftentimes hilarious — ways. Many fans turn to their favorite brands' social accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and more for a good laugh amid tons of bleak content currently taking over the web.

Renowned brands and organizations like McDonald's, Wendy's, Netflix, and even Merriam-Webster understand and leverage the value of the use of humor, leisure, and everyday language on social media. And sometimes, this humor goes beyond the actual content of their posts. For example, Mike's Hard Lemonade — the citrusy malt beverage that totally hits the spot in the summer heat — posts colorful, comical, and creative imagery on its Instagram. But if you look closely at the account's profile details, you'll notice that the brand only follows eight users — and the coincidence among them is pretty dang clever.

The Mike's Hard Lemonade Instagram account follows 8 users, all named Mike

Fans who have ever, for whatever reason, paid extremely close attention to the Mike's Hard Lemonade Instagram account may have observed that the brand follows a strangely low number of users. The eight-deep list includes musicians Miguel, Michael Bublé, and Mike Posner, submarine sandwich shop Jersey Mike's Subs, arts and crafts utopia Michaels Stores, actor Michael B. Jordan, former professional boxer Mike Tyson, and chef Michael Symon. That's right. Mike's Hard Lemonade has decided to strategically only follow people and brands who share the name Mike. No matter how you rank Mike's Hard Lemonade's popular flavors, you have to admit how clever this is.

As it turns out, Mike's Hard Lemonade isn't the only brand following this witty social media tactic. KFC, the restaurant chain that specializes in its famous fried chicken dishes, follows a mere 11 users on Twitter: all five Spice Girls and six people with the first name Herb. Of course, this maneuver is an homage to its secret recipe's 11 herbs and spices. KFC has blown minds with hilarious Twitter details before, so this is nothing new for the brand. Still, it put a smile on our faces.