Ree Drummond Loved Sunny Anderson's Fashion Video

Like many of her fellow Food Network stars, Sunny Anderson has worn many hats — Air Force radio host, world traveler, cookbook writer, "The Kitchen" co-host, recipe inventor, ulcerative colitis advocate, oh, and fashionista.

Earlier this month, Anderson posted one of her fun fashion looks on Instagram. In the picture, she rocks a bright blue blouse, pastel pigtails, blue eyeliner, and pink lipstick. As usual, her fans and co-stars loved the bold look.

However, Anderson remains open and honest about her diet and her weight loss journey. In another Instagram post, she said she didn't want to keep buying new jeans when she already had plenty in her closet. Her caption reads, "If you are in the struggle, relax... It can't happen overnight, and what's life without your fave foods or counting numbers every time you eat? Just relax on your serving sizes, move around a bit more, and it should happen." 

Sunny Anderson shows off her denim success

Our favorite upbeat chef celebrated midweek with a new Instagram post. In the video, Sunny Anderson models a pair of jeans from her closet and a sweatshirt from Black-owned Souk + Sepia. "So nice to pull jeans from my closet and they fit," Anderson wrote in the caption. "Seriously don't feel like buying more jeans, there are way too many in my closet to ignore." She stressed the importance of mindset — rewarding yourself for making better choices when it comes to diet and exercise.

She also wrote, "There's more than one route [to health] and we should all be welcome to get where we want on our own accord. The path to all success is a superhighway with more lanes than we can count!"

Her post received over 17,000 likes, and well as admiring comments from other Food Network stars. Ree Drummond, better known as The Pioneer Woman, commented on Anderson's post, "Good Lord, I love this." So do we. You go, girl!