What McDonald's Is Doing For Texas Students Who Take The STAAR Test

Correction 3/29/22: An earlier version of this story misstated the date of the free McDonald's breakfast; the date varies depending on testing schedules.

While students and teachers have navigated changes in the classroom amid the pandemic, the importance of education and showcasing that knowledge has never waned. The Texas Education Agency, administers its standardized STAAR test for grades 3 through 12.

To assist students get a bright start to their STAAR test-taking day, KENS5 reported that McDonald's will be giving Texas students and educators free breakfast from 6 till 9 a.m. (The date of the free breakfast varies depending on testing dates; students in the South Central Texas area will get free McDonald's breakfast on April 5.) The dine-in only option includes the choice of an Egg McMuffin sandwich or a fruit and maple oatmeal. In addition, diners can choose from a 1% low-fat milk, apple juice, or orange juice as their beverage, and may request apple slices as well. The special offer is available for students in third through eighth grade, within the presence of a parent or guardian. In addition, educators will need to show proper ID to receive the offer.

McDonald's has previously offered free breakfast promotions. In October 2021, the Golden Arches provided free Thank You meals to educators. The idea was to show their appreciation for all the effort to keep students grounded during difficult times. Although the gesture might not be grand, that little tasty treat to start the day on a happy note could be the boost to achieve great things.

Why do students need a good breakfast on testing day?

While many people can think back to the days of sharpened No. 2 pencils and scantrons, breaking the seal on a testing packet can come with a quickened heartbeat, sweaty palms, and even a total mind blank. Even though testing anxiety might fill the air, one morning option could help keep those brain synapses firing quickly. As seen in a recent KENS5 report, McDonald's is giving Texas students a free breakfast on their testing day. So, why does that morning food fuel help with student's performance?

According to Healthline, some foods can help boost academic performance. For example, the article recommends berries and citrus, which can increase the blood flow to the brain. Also, eggs are cracking with nutrients that help to stimulate brain function. Basically, the list of nine brain-boosting foods has an option that could appeal to almost anyone. 

Even on the most stressful mornings, making smarter choices can start the day down a better path. But, just putting that food on the plate does not guarantee the perfect score on test day. Maybe the better answer is to start every school day with some brain-boosting foods so that when pencil is put to paper, all that knowledge flows onto the page.