Natty Light Vodka Wants To Bring DJ Steve Aoki To Your Living Room

Wait, Natty Light has a vodka brand? Yes, yes they do. Early 2019 was the beginning of a new era for the famously cheap Anheuser-Busch beer when they introduced some fruity flavor to the lineup: Strawberry Lemonade beer called Naturdays (via PR Newswire). After dipping their toe into the flavored beer water, they hopped on the hard seltzer bandwagon in August of 2019 with their "Aloha Beaches" and "Catalina Lime Mixer" flavors. Seeing success with the sweeter side of Natty Light, the company expanded its portfolio into flavored vodka, more specifically lemonade vodka, in September of 2021 (via Delish). 

"We've noted fruit forward flavors are well liked amongst our fans, and because lemonade combines sweet and sour it's definitely a preferred choice," Daniel Blake, Group VP Marketing, Budweiser & Value at Anheuser-Busch told FoodSided. The bottles are available in 750ml and 50ml at 30% ABV and according to a press release obtained by Mashed, the vodka flavors include Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, and Black Cherry Lemonade.

The sweet and tart liquor was released regionally at first, but now they are celebrating their nationwide rollout by giving fans the opportunity to win a weekend performance from DJ Steve Aoki, but with a never before seen twist.

Bringing a whole new meaning to residency

"The Natural Light Vodka x Steve Aoki Pregame Residency" sounds like something you need to buy tickets to, but there's no need to book a seat, flight, or hotel room. For this unprecedented event, Aoki will be performing at a fan's house all weekend long. According to the press release obtained by Mashed, Aoki states, "I got my start playing gigs in my friends' living rooms so I know a thing or two about playing house parties." The DJ goes on to say "I can't wait to take this collab with Natty Vodka right into one lucky fan's house and give them the greatest weekend of their lives."

The giveaway includes "an all-out Vegas residency" experience with a "light show, banger tracks, and bottle service," minus the expenses and travel inconveniences normally associated with a show of this caliber. The winner and party guests can enjoy the new vodka flavors, which are included in the giveaway, but if other Natty Light products like its hard seltzers are desired, they'll have to provide those themselves. To enter to win, fans can fill out the form on Natty Light's website from now until the deadline of May 3, 2022. Entrants must be 21 years or older.