Mike's Hard Explains Why Drinks Are More Successful When Named By Color - Exclusive

Nothing beats a colorful plate, especially when it comes to nutrition and Instagram-worthy food posts. Social media photos look much more appealing when the colors of the rainbow are featured as the eyes are drawn to them. That's why food and beverage companies, such as Coca-Cola and McDonald's, use colors that are memorable to consumers. According to Inc., red is often associated with excitement and boldness, and yellow, as far as McDonald's is concerned, is associated with optimism and warmth.

It has also been shown that yellow and orange can make people feel hungry. Wendy's, In-N-Out Burger, and Pizza Hut are all known examples of this color scheme as brands utilize logos as a food marketing tool that makes consumers want to walk in and order. However, there is one color that you won't see often due to its soothing nature. Blue has been linked to suppressing appetites (which is the exact opposite of what food brands want).

The entire psychology of colors can be mind-boggling at the very least. Yet, in an exclusive interview with Mashed, the senior brand manager of Mike's Hard Lemonade, Liz Abello, explained the concept.

Mike's Hard used color schemes on its new product

The company's new product, Mike's Hard Freeze, showcases the color wheel in a creative way. Mike's Hard Freeze brings back that 90's nostalgia with your favorite slushie flavors, as Mike's describes it. The new drinks consist of Red Freeze, Blue Freeze, White Freeze, and Pink Freeze flavors. No matter what color you were raised on, there's sure to be a choice that caters to your nostalgia.

Can you see where the color marketing comes in? Abello tells us, "That's because when we did research with consumers, what we actually found is that the color plus phrase naming convention had a stronger association for consumers with a nostalgic flavor offering and slushies." As she explains it, "For them, it was a closer connection to, 'Oh, I used to drink a blue slushie,' versus a specific flavor." The real names of slushie flavors will forever remain a mystery.

Why there is a 'mystery' to food marketing

Now, the color naming of Mike's Hard Freeze may leave fans wondering what the drink really tastes like. Although you may be thinking this can lead to customer confusion, Liz actually feels the opposite. The senior brand manager says, "Consumers love to have fun and [there's] the mystery of it, too. As we talk about tapping into that joy and that fun of simpler times, the naming convention is one way that we can do that." Mystery flavors have been a long-standing marketing gimmick, according to Forbes

So, customers won't be able to know how Mike's Hard Freeze tastes until the first sip. However, if your favorite slushie is the red one like Abello's, then Red Freeze is definitely up your alley. Next time you're out for a drive, check out the fast food signs, and notice the color schemes. Who knows — a yellow sign might have you pulling up to a McDonald's. 

Visit the Mike's Hard website to find the nearest location where you can enjoy Hard Freeze and the rest of the Mike's Hard summer lineup.