Lana Condor And Cole Sprouse Are Hilariously Bad At Food Trivia

The playful chemistry between Lana Condor and Cole Sprouse during their "Ultimate Food Trivia Quiz" with Delish shows that they have more in common than being stars of successful teen dramas (as well as starring together in an upcoming new movie for HBO Max). This pairing is a dream come true for fans of the "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" trilogy and "Riverdale," respectively — and let's be honest, those groups are closer to a circle than a Venn Diagram. Although both Condor and Sprouse have experience in the adolescent genre, in the new HBO Max romantic comedy "Moonshot," they play closer to their actual ages. "It was really refreshing to be able to play an age-appropriate character that feels more true to who I am," Condor, 24, told People.

"Moonshot," which premieres on March 31, is Condor's first movie since "TATB," and in it, she plays Sophie, a college student who enrolls in the Mars program to be with her long-distance boyfriend, who is perfect for her on paper and aligns with her meticulous life plan (via the YouTube preview). Condor's character vents about her long-distance relationship to a laidback barista, Walt (played by Cole Sprouse), who has always dreamed of going to Mars and sneaks onto the ship. Sprouse has a similar nerdy loveable energy in real life that you think would translate well to trivia, but he and Condor nearly strike out during the trivia sesh with Delish.

Even when the questions relate to movies and shows they've starred in, they stumble

You would think that watching Lana Condor and Cole Sprouse epically fail at answering Delish's "Ultimate Food Trivia Quiz" would be kind of embarrassing and cringey, but the two joke around with each other so much that you don't want the segment to end. When asked, "What country consumes the most pasta per capita?" Sprouse thought it was a trick question and answered the United States, while Condor didn't answer at all because she didn't know she was supposed to. The correct answer was actually Italy, to which the "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" star teased Sprouse for getting it wrong because he was born in Italy and even helped her plan a trip there.

The "Riverdale" star fired back at Condor when she incorrectly answered the kind of dessert that Peter Kavinsky got for Lara Jean on their first date in "TATB." Sprouse also answered incorrectly, but he justified it by saying, "Well she got it wrong and she was in it, so that means I'm totally fine." To relate back to their upcoming film, "Moonshot," the trivia questions then shifted to being about food in space. The "Suite Life of Zack & Cody" alum confidently answered that bread would not be found on a spacecraft. "Because you can't have small particles flying through incredibly delicate instruments," he said. Condor chose shrimp as her answer, which she argued could also be dried and crushed up to form small particles. She made a good point, but Sprouse took home the win in the end — as did all watching the fun segment.