The Honest Diner Job Ad Instagram Can't Get Enough Of

It's no secret the restaurant industry has been struggling to attract workers lately. According to Business Insider, as of 2022, seven out of 10 restaurants report not having enough employees to meet business demands. One reason for the lack of staffing may be that many food service jobs don't offer enough incentives for prospective candidates. Restaurant hours can be grueling and inconsistent, while pay is mediocre. On top of that, health insurance and other benefits aren't always available.

However, some restaurants, like Turkey and The Wolf in New Orleans, are willing to do whatever it takes to bring in workers. Earlier this week, the sandwich shop shared an Instagram post calling for a line cook to help its sister location, Molly's Rise and Shine diner, with the busier breakfast shift. And let's just say the candid job description has some people ready to pack up and move to the Big Easy.

Among the many benefits listed is a range of restaurant-specific perks — written in emphatic all-caps: "NIGHTS OFF, FREE FOOD, FREE BISCUITS, FREE BOOZE, HEATH INSURANCE, PAID SICK LEAVE, FREE HAT, OTHER FREE CLOTHES." The posted salary, $22 to $25 dollars per hour, is nearly 50% higher than the $14.20 mean hourly wage in the U.S. for cooks. The post also discloses that the staff has a lot of parties and that the kitchen is all women-run, a noteworthy fact considering less than 7% of U.S. restaurants could say the same (via Forbes).

People are appreciating the unique job perks

Although we can't say for certain how many applications Molly's has received since the listing went up, we do know the Instagram post has won over a lot of folks, earning 1,294 likes so far and multiple comments calling it "the best job description ever." Other comments include "Makes me wanna move to NOLA and apply!" and "Dream job status."

While many agreed they were ready to apply at the mention of all the freebies like complimentary bacon, sausage, and biscuits, one user in particular gave special attention the $22-$25 per hour, pointing out, "That's New York line cook wages. Nice move." Another applauded the blunt feminist assertion in the ad, writing "'Kitchen and FOH led by women which we all know is better.' This is the greatest call for cooks I've ever seen."

Of course, with all these perks on display so loudly, one user couldn't help but view the job posting as a reminder for how much better the restaurant business could be for everyone with some changes in employees favor. "I bet with this kind of staff care the food and service is stellar," they noted.

At this time, the job post is still active, which means Molly's is still on the hunt for a breakfast line cook. But based on all the attention it's received, we have reason to believe the diner will have no shortage of applicants on its hands in the coming weeks.