These Are The Must-Haves For A Great Easter Brunch, According To Joy The Baker - Exclusive

Joy Wilson, better known as Joy The Baker, is an expert baker and blogger who has been sharing her delicious recipes with home cooks since 2008. On top of that, Wilson has published three cookbooks, is the editor-in-chief of her own namesake magazine, and even has her own line of baking mixes at Williams Sonoma. When it comes to cooking and baking at home, Wilson is really a tried-and-true source of info.

With Easter just around the corner, we at Mashed wanted to know just what the holiday looks like at Joy The Baker's home: What are her favorite spring ingredients? And what's on the menu for an Easter brunch or dinner?

In an exclusive interview with Mashed, she dished on her must-haves for the holiday, along with her favorite springtime ingredients to incorporate into recipes. And with a spread like what she has in store, we're definitely hoping for an invite.

Joy The Baker's ultimate Easter brunch spread

When it comes to a beautiful Easter meal, Joy The Baker is all about brunch. "I'm not much of a lamb person. I know that lamb is pretty traditional on Easter," she noted in the interview with Mashed. "But I'm like, 'Please no, that seems like a lot.'"

Instead, she loves to pull out all the stops on lovely quiches and baked goods. According to Wilson, she'll make several options, including one with meat such as a Quiche Lorraine, along with one featuring vegetables. "I like to do a couple quiches and some baked goods. We'll do some muffins. It's an ultimate brunch spread," she said. "We have sweet and savory."

As for other springtime ingredients she might incorporate into her Easter spread, or other spring meals, Wilson is all about eggs and fresh herbs. "I like to pair my eggs with fresh, bright ingredients," she added. "I find myself reaching for lots of herbs, like parsley and tarragon and chives, all of those ingredients and elements that remind me of fresh grass, like new growth." 

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