Oreo Has The Perfect Solution For Fans Who Just Like The Creme

The beloved Oreo cookie is always known for surprising fans. New flavors, limited batches, and even new types of cookies from the brand have hit shelves throughout the years. And while some of these work seamlessly — like the Red Velvet, Birthday Cake, or Carrot Cake flavors — others are a little more out of the cookie sleeve. You know, like that time someone thought Swedish Fish Oreos were a good idea. 

But, it seems the brand has come out with its wildest new product to date and it was made for those Oreo superfans who particularly love the creme filling. That's right, Oreo and Heinz announced a joint collaboration today, designing a condiment package of just the Oreo creme. It's available in a small grab-and-go packet that looks just like the Heinz ketchup packets. 

"You asked for just the creme & @heinz helped us make it happen," the brand posted on its Instagram account.

The joke's on us

If you were excited, we're sorry to break the bad news that, unfortunately, the dream of being able to carry around packets of creme to dunk your fries in or spread on your favorite dessert is all an April Fool's joke (a genius one, we may add!) that's been played on us by Oreo and Heinz. And, it turns out, Instagram followers have had quite the reaction to the prank. 

"It's not nice to tease us like this," said one person. Then there were also the many demands for "just the cookies" and no creme. Others recognized the calendar date right away and called out the brand for pulling a fast one on its followers. But, even though this only a joke, many of the brand's fans noted that they wished this was real and they would no doubt buy it if it was.

Oreo and Heinz, take notice. You may have a new product on your hands, if social media has anything to say about it. But for now, all we can do is wish for it to be true.