Oreo Just Announced 2 Unexpected New Cookie Flavors

The popular creme-stuffed cookie company, Oreo, has just unveiled two brand-new flavors set to launch in early 2022, just in time to ruin your healthy New Year's resolutions. 

The century-old brand has a long history of concocting new and innovative cookie flavors that keep fans guessing (and, most importantly, purchasing). Over the years, Oreo has unleashed over 65 new flavors of the cookies, ranging from classic combinations like Mint Oreos and Peanut Butter Oreos; to dessert-inspired cookies like Birthday Cake Oreos, Carrot Cake Oreos, and Red Velvet Oreos; to more outside-the-cookie-box flavors like Candy Corn Oreos and Swedish Fish Oreos.

Oreo initially teased its latest flavors by posting a blurred image of two cookie packages to Instagram, eliciting over 22,000 likes and a comment thread full of speculation about the potential new additions to the Oreo line-up, with guesses ranging from Coconut Eclair, to Toasted Marshmallow, to Biscotti. Following the speculation, the cookie company took to Twitter Spaces — the social media company's latest offering, in which users can have live audio conversations with other Twitter users — to unveil its newest flavors, both of which cater to chocolate lovers. 

The new flavors include a limited-edition Ultimate Chocolate cookie

The first of the brand-new Oreo flavors, which will be released on January 3, 2022, is a Toffee Crunch Oreo, featuring a toffee-flavored cream dotted with crunchy sugar crystals sandwiched between the signature chocolate Oreo cookies. The Toffee Crunch Oreos will become a permanent part of Oreo's flavor line-up, the brand confirmed to Mashed.

The second new flavor, slated to debut in early 2022, is the Ultimate Chocolate Oreo, a limited-edition cookie featuring Oreo's classic wafers filled with three layers of chocolate cream: milk, dark, and white chocolate. The Ultimate Chocolate Oreos, which also go on sale January 3, will only be available while supplies last. The suggested retail price of both new varieties of Oreo is $4.29 per pack.

Following the announcement, fans took to Twitter to share their excitement for the new flavors, including one who wrote, "Can't wait for the new flavors!! Yes! #LetsGo #OreoNewFlavors." Another reply indicated that basically anything Oreo puts between its cookies works for them: "As long as chocolate is involved....I be buyin' #oreofan." Echoing that sentiment, yet another (somewhat frighteningly devoted) fan wrote, "I love all of you oreos, no matter if you taste horrible, I will love you forever." 

And while we once ranked the original Oreos as the as the all-time best, we're always down to try a new flavor (or two) of the classic stuffed cookie, perhaps with a glass of Oreo Thins-inspired wine to wash it down.