King Arthur Baking's Hilarious Oven Mitt Is Perfect For Bread Lovers

Bread lovers, this one's for you. King Arthur Baking just announced that it has created a set of oven mitts great for taking out fresh loaves from the oven. According to the brand, these fashionable kitchen accessories are meant to warm both your hands and your heart. 

"Don't miss out on the premier product of our spring line, limited-edition Multigrain Mittens," the brand announced on its Instagram account. According to King Arthur Baking, the cooking gloves are available in two different styles, including "Radiant Rye" and "Whimsical Wheat," and they can be "gently toasted for extra warmth or frozen for long-term storage." 

But, King Arthur Baking does caution those who may be thinking about purchasing these oven mitts to "avoid areas with high bird populations for your own protection." You know since they might not know the difference and attack your hand for some crumbs! As the company jokingly adds, "Field tests showed the wild turkeys of Sandwich, MA to be especially peckish. To extend the life of your mittens, keep them from being exposed to rain, snow, soup, or any other liquid."

It's just one big joke

As their Instagram caption might imply, King Arthur Baking planned this as one big April Fool's Joke. But it turns out that it was actually a big win with the brand's social media followers as many seemed to happily join in on the ruse. 

"I knead these," one person said, while another asked if they came in a gluten-free version. A third Instagram commenter added, "No. No. no. I need this to be a real product. Please. Give me bread hands." However, many also referenced Bernie Sanders and the infamous mitten meme, suggesting that "Bernie is going to love you," and also asking, "Bernie, is that you?" in the comments section. Given that King Arthur Baking is based in Sanders' home state of Vermont, it isn't too far off the mark to be asking if the Senator was behind this absolutely perfect April Fool's prank. We may never know.