The One Thing The Pioneer Woman Can't Be Trusted With

Even though Ree Drummond, better known as the Pioneer Woman, never went to culinary school (via Insider), her skill as a home cook has attracted her a large and devoted audience. Her fans rally to defend her approachable and laid-back persona when her skills are called into question, as in a recent BuzzFeed poll where nearly half of voters said they think Drummond can't actually cook

Part of what makes the celebrity chef's cooking so relatable is that she's open about what she can and can't do well. When it comes to planning and preparing big family meals for holidays, Drummond has plenty of helpful and time-tested advice that she shared in an exclusive interview with Mashed. On the other hand, she's joked about how baking artisan bread is her "nemesis" (via Outsider).

And though Drummond lives on a working ranch with hundreds of thousands of acres of land in Oklahoma, the one thing she quips that she can't be trusted with is potentially one of the smallest items in her kitchen.

How Ree Drummond avoids a colorful kitchen blooper

The one thing the Pioneer Woman can't be trusted with is pretty relatable — and could lead to some pretty funny fan-favorite TV moments on her Food Network show. It's spillage.

Drummond's grapefruit tart recipe gets its classic pink color from a few drops of red food coloring (via Food Network). According to CheatSheet, during a cooking demo on "The Pioneer Woman," she stops herself to double-check that she put the cap back on, so the food dye doesn't spill all over her kitchen. "I always close it when I'm finished because I cannot be trusted," she jokes. Her daughter Paige agrees, sharing in an Instagram Q&A (via CheatSheet) that "my mom was making something, and she spilled a bunch of chocolate chips into the stove."

Even though Drummond now makes a valiant attempt to stop herself from spilling, she's had her fair share of humorous bloopers and kitchen mishaps we can all relate to, especially one from her early cooking days. In a short clip posted to her Instagram, Drummond shares a story of making a simple Caesar salad for a date in her early 20s — but instead of one clove of garlic, she accidentally used an entire bulb. "It was the garlickiest garlic experience I've ever had in my life," she said. "He never called me again after that!"