BBQ Brawl Season 3: Release Date, Celebrity Hosts, Episodes, And More - What We Know So Far

Barbecuing and reality television have a lot in common. Both have a cast of salty characters. You can expect skewerings in either one. Plus, there's always the chance that the object of your affection will be grilled mercilessly, get sauced off-screen, or be just plain roasted by the opposing team. Anything could happen, really; and, whether you're barbecuing or reality-television-ing, the steaks get higher with every season(ing).

So, of course, Food Network's "BBQ Brawl" has to really bring the heat for season three. The first season saw Iron Chefs Bobby Flay and Michael Symon leading their teams into battle, mentoring meat-heads and grooming grillers to see who will become the next "Master of 'Cue" (their words, not ours, via Next Season TV). In season 2, BBQ legend Eddie Jackson joined the boys, and attempted to rake his competition over the coals. Bros, BBQs, brawls... It's as close to toxic masculinity as Food Network may get — let's see what they have lined up for Season 3 to keep themselves out of the frying pan (and the fire, too).

When will Season 3 of BBQ Brawl debut?

According to Yahoo Entertainment, "BBQ Brawl" fans might want to set aside a 90-minute block on May 9 this year, as that's when Bobby Flay returns to fan the flames and ice the drinks of nine contestants in their quest for the 'Cue. Indeed, "BBQ Brawl" will premiere with a special hour-and-a-half episode on May 9, which means fans can get ready for summer by grabbing their tongs, tuning in, and sharpening their sizzle skills. Courtney White, president of Food Network, in a statement that viewers should expect "intense barbecue challenges, breakout BBQ hopefuls, and top-flight Food Network chefs that put their reputations on the line."

White is also president of Streaming Food Content at Discovery Inc., a title that sounds entirely too similar to "Steaming Food Content." Regardless, the role is appropriate, considering the winner of this reality show's season three will not only be named "Master of 'Cue," but will also become the official BBQ expert on all Food Network digital platforms. Heavy is the head that wears the 'Cue crown; let's hope Flay and his team can find that medium-rare contestant that can handle the heat.

What famous faces can we expect on the coaching staff?

This year on "BBQ Brawl," perhaps in an effort to sidestep that aforementioned toxic masculinity landmine, Flay is joined in his hosting quest not by another white, male chef, but by Anne Burrell and Jet Tila, two chefs who make the celebrity mentor bench slightly more diverse. In the same Yahoo article about Season 3, Food Network president Courtney White said Burrell and Tila will be "challenging Bobby with their competitive DNA and deep culinary experience."

Setting aside for a moment White's woeful lack of interesting barbecue puns, she's not wrong about Burrell and Tila. Chef Jet Tila's recent Instagram post, announcing his involvement with the show, is preceded by plenty of examples of "competitive DNA," particularly during his time on the Guy Fieri-hosted hit "Tournament of Champions." And anyone who has ever seen Chef Anne Burrell participate in a culinary challenge knows that her passion for winning is as high and white-hot as her trademark hair. Yahoo says to expect nine BBQ contenders to show up this season at the Star Hill Ranch, in Austin, Texas, where the show takes place. Presumably they will be divided into teams of three, with Burrell, Flay, and Tila at the helm of each (mentor)ship. Get those coals ready, contestants, because your celebrity coaches are straight fire.

What will Season 3's episodes be like?

While we don't know what each episode of "BBQ Brawl" will entail, Yahoo seems to have a handle on what to expect during the premiere. Starting with a "signature skewer" and ending in the first team brawl of the season, contestants at the Star Hill Ranch will certainly have their work cut out for them. Or, rather, they will have to cut it out themselves, because that's the whole point of the competition. Yahoo suggests that later episodes will see dinner-party throw-downs and a few "twists and turns" from Burrell, Flay, and Tila; and that ultimately, those left standing and grilling will have to use a suckling pig to create an entire BBQ feast in just six hours. Even condensed for time, that sounds exhausting.

Last year's panel of judges for "BBQ Brawl" is back to throw shade (or pump up) the Food Network star-hopefuls, with Carson Kressley, Rodney Scott, and Brooke Williamson signed on for all eight episodes. Between those fan-favorites, a more diverse cast of hosts, and bigger barbecue challenges, it's possible that Season 3 will be "BBQ Brawl's" best yet. Or, as Kressley commented on Instagram when Anne Burrell posted her excitement about being involved in the show, "I've got no beef with this."