Here's Why Mario Lopez's Take On Chips Ahoy! Cookies Is So Relatable - Exclusive

Snack lovers know Chips Ahoy! cookies can't be beat. The brand's endless flavors give fans a multitude of chocolatey goodness to choose from. Whether they favor Hershey's fudge-filled or the soft-baked chewy version, cookie stans are always awaiting Chips Ahoy!'s newest innovations. Recently, the company partnered up with Mario Lopez and the Boys & Girls Club of America (BGCA) for a limited-edition cookie with special blue candy-coated chocolate chips.

In order to support BGCA teens in the art program, Chips Ahoy! will be donating $1 million over three years through the Follow Your Art Campaign. The nationwide contest will give six teens the opportunity to be featured on the company's packaging, per a press release sent to Mashed. During an exclusive interview, Mario Lopez explained his appreciation for the BGCA and why he chose to partner with Chips Ahoy!. When asked about his favorite Chips Ahoy! flavor, Lopez had the perfect answer.

Lopez doesn't have just one favorite cookie flavor

Hardcore Chips Ahoy! fans probably have an opinion on the best flavor, with original crunchy being a classic go-to. Mario Lopez questioned, "They have other flavors other than chocolate chip?" To name a few fan favorites, there are chunky chocolate chip, Reese's Pieces, thins, and so on. Lopez gave a simple answer as he continued, "Well, I like them all. I don't discriminate when it comes to cookies." If that's not relatable, what is?

The "Saved by the Bell" actor also explained why he continues to partner up with food brands like Chips Ahoy!, as he said, "I am passionate about food, but when they partner up for a great program like this one, and it makes sense, and I can speak to it from an authentic place, then I'll decide to partner up." 

Sounds like the perfect pair, just like cookies and milk. Lopez has had many food endeavors, including his new cocktail brand, Mariochelada, and virtual restaurant, Tortas Lopez.

Visit the Chips Ahoy! Follow Your Art website to learn more about the campaign and sweepstakes.