The Truth About Ethan Thompson From Serving The Hamptons Season 1

Discovery+ is gearing up for its latest release, "Serving the Hamptons," a show that gives viewers a glimpse at the lives of the glamorous staff members at an ultra-trendy restaurant in Southampton, New York. According to a press release, the cast members stayed in a summer home by the beach while filming the show. As expected, this led to lots of arguments, drama, partying, and romance between the employees of 75 Main, who can be seen trying to survive the summer under the same roof while also tackling rules and responsibilities at work. 

"Serving the Hamptons" stars 75 Main owner Zach Erdem, restaurant manager Victoria Hilton, and chef Brogan Wu, as well as other hostesses, bartenders, and waitstaff. Helping to set the soundtrack to the show is DJ Ethan Thompson, who, according to his Instagram profile, is a multitalented music producer and professional model, too. Here's what to know about Thompson, who may or may not be the "resident heartbreaker" alluded to in the press announcement.

Thompson is all about music

According to his LinkedIn page, Thompson studied advertising and music management at the University of Alabama and worked on his music production skills as a student. Thompson writes in his profile, "I take pride in my melodic structure of songs and hard hitting drums. Im also very interested in working on the other side of the business as well. ... I take pride in my hard work ethic and business relationships, which allows me to work with a wide range of artists." It seems that music is undoubtedly Thompson's passion, but it's not only his only gig. According to his Collabstr profile, he works as a model with renowned talent agency, Wilhelmina Models, and sells paid Instagram posts, too.

As for his time on "Serving the Hamptons," Thompson appears to be looking forward to its April 7 premiere and doesn't mind taking a dig at himself for his portrayal on the show — which Discovery hints involves romance and rule-breaking. He wrote in a recent Instagram post, "It's finally almost time for everyone to see me act a fool on TV and cause unnecessary drama...oh also I DJ on there. Hope you guys are ready."