The Burger King Note That Has Reddit Talking

Imagine coming into work and finding a note from your boss telling you not to come in on your day off. Apparently, according to Reddit, staff coming into work on their days off and hanging out with employees who are on the clock has become such a problem at one Burger King location that the manager took to posting a notice on the wall discouraging employees from engaging in such activities. The note states they will be written up if they disregard the notice and continue to fraternize with other staff members while they are working.

"We are not here to become friends with everyone so be professional do your job and go home," the sign read in part, suggesting the staff has become a bit too friendly for the manager's liking. The notice concludes, "If you don't like it you know what to do," which seemed to imply that such behavior is so looked down upon and this manager would rather have their staff quit than become friends, even when many restaurants may still struggle to find employees due to the pandemic.

The irony wasn't lost on some Redditors, such as one user who commented, "The last thing I wanna do on my day off is come into said job," followed by a crying laughing emoji. Others, however, had a different perspective leaning toward the side of the manager.

Should you unfriend your work BFF?

Reddit is torn when it comes to whether a sign aimed toward friendly employees posted in a Burger King restaurant is ridiculous or if the manager who posted it might have a point. "I imagine the issue is that a group of like 3 or 4 friends work together and constantly distract each other. They show up, causing the friends to leave their station and talk. The manager started putting them on different shifts to mitigate the problems, leading to the friend showing up on their day off and the problem continuing. the manager knows this is causing issues with other employees and leads to the company paying them to do nothing productive, so they put up the sign," reasoned one user.

While employees who make friends in the restaurant industry have most likely found they must balance socializing and working, CNBC states that to some extent, staff member socialization is, in fact, important for career success. "Connecting with people boosts our mood and our morale, and friendships provide us with the emotional and psychological strength to deal with whatever comes our way," said happiness expert and Fortune 500 advisor Annie McKee of the importance of work friends.

Back on Reddit, it seems a final user might agree with McKee, stating that many employees do become friends in the fast food industry. "Is that a bad thing? Working at the BK isn't their whole identity but it's a shared experience," they wrote.