Over 24% Said This Is Their Favorite TikTok Chef

TikTok first became available in the U.S. in 2017, but it really increased in popularity during the pandemic (via Variety). Now, it's where people go not just for entertainment, but also to learn new things about everything from how to apply make-up or start a compost heap to oil painting tutorials and more. But maybe the most obvious type of tutorial we see on TikTok would be the cooking video, and there are many prominent TikTok chefs to follow. They have become like household names to some of us.

In a recent poll, Mashed asked 596 U.S. respondents about their favorite TikTok chefs. And though there was a lot of variety, the number one chef got nearly a quarter of the votes. Others had their share of fans, but not necessarily a large one. Just 6.38% of those surveyed said that Eitan Bernath was their favorite chef, followed by Jenny Martinez with 12.08% of the vote. Next up was Emily Mariko of the viral salmon rice hack, with 16.11%, and SauceUpFoods, who was the choice of 18.96% of survey respondents. But the top two chefs got nearly half of the votes total.

The two favorite TikTok chefs

The second-most popular TikTok chef according to our Mashed's was The Pasta Queen, with 21.98% of the vote. The Pasta Queen account has 2.1 million followers on TikTok, and the account's videos have received 36.4 million likes. If the name "The Pasta Queen" sounds familiar to you, that might be because their Devil's Kiss Pasta recipe went somewhat viral on TikTok. But in our survey, The Pasta Queen did not ultimately claim the winner's crown.

That honor went to Baked By Melissa, who 24.5% of voters picked as their favorite TikTok chef. The Baked By Melissa TikTok account has 1.3 million followers and has gotten more than 19.1 million likes, and there's a good chance you've seen their viral Green Goddess Salad recipe being made by someone on the app at least once. That salad post alone got 1.7 million likes and had more than 21 million views (via TikTok). The account posts baked goods recipes, but following the success of the Green Goddess Salad video, they've seemingly shared more salad recipes, too. Apparently, all that content resonates with enough people to give Baked By Melissa the top spot in the survey.