56% Of People Would Most Want To Be On This Guy Fieri Show

Imagine that you are walking on a lonely beach and you stumble upon a strange-looking object reminiscent of Aladdin's lamp. As you rub away an acid rain stain, a genie pops out and says that you can have one wish. The wish, however, comes with a bizarre caveat — you must choose which Guy Fieri show you would like to be on. While you were really hoping for Elon Musk levels of wealth or a sip from the fountain of youth, there is a rather large part of you that thinks, "Hey, this could be fun." 

Now comes the hard part: deciding which of Fieri's fun-filled food programs you'd most like to grace. If you pick "Guy's Grocery Games," you'll get to run around Flavortown market (the grocery store that has absolutely every food imaginable), face some wacky challenges, and maybe even spin the budget wheel. If you own an eatery, "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" would be a great way to showcase your cooking prowess and attract customers. Choosing "Guy's Ranch Kitchen" would bring you elbow-to-elbow with some of the hottest celebrity chefs at Fieri's own ranch. And finally, "Tournament of Champions" would not only let you meet the Randomizer up-close and personal, but also go home with a handsome cash prize and a pretty snazzy belt if you win. Decisions, decisions. 

A Guy Fieri classic is the clear favorite among viewers

As difficult as this choice may be, a group of 594 Americans had no problem choosing which Guy Fieri show they'd like to appear on most. The real-life survey, conducted by Mashed, showed that 11% of respondents chose "Guy's Ranch Kitchen," likely lured by the chance to meet Food Network heavy-hitters in a cozy environment. Up next, 13% opted for "Tournament of Champions" — and what a brave group these participants are, showing no fear of the race against the clock or having to pair Dungeness crabs with kumquats using a spaetzle maker (which you can witness on YouTube). The lure of Triple G's Flavortown market and its jam-packed inventory attracted 21% of respondents. And, by the process of elimination, you have likely guessed which show won. 

Finally, with a whopping 56% of the votes, "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" was the clear winner. Whether these participants wish to showcase their own restaurant's trademark dishes, follow Fieri around to sample the scrumptious fare, or simply drive around in his '68 Camaro convertible, one thing is clear: Fieri fans think Triple D is the place to be.