Coffee And Donut Lovers Need To Know About This 4/20 Collab

Every year on April 20th you can find coffee lovers congregating in Starbucks, Dunkin', and local cafes in celebration of National Cold Brew Coffee Day. However, some people prefer to enjoy 4/20 with marijuana edibles. Ever since cannabis laws have become looser across states, it's expected that more people will participate in the day's festivities. According to Vox, the celebration is predicted to shift more to a commercial holiday like that of Valentine's day, with companies capitalizing on pumping out products.

The food and beverage industry has already jumped at the opportunity to create and market new products. Fatburger dropped a new deal for 4/20 the TV show "Chopped" released a new cannabis-inspired series last year

Likewise, ​​STōK, a Colorado-based company specializing in cold brew, plans to capitalize on 4/20 with its DK's Donuts collab. Per a press release obtained by Mashed, the famous LA donut producer and STōK have taken from the famous "Wake and Bake" phrase and cleverly named the collab "The STōK x DK's Donuts Awake & Bake Combo," which infuses STōK's black cold brew with DK's donuts. 

Co-Owner of DK's Donuts, Jennie Fou Lee, states that "DK's Donuts and STōK both share a passion for quality, experimentation and delicious surprises, so they're the ideal partners to celebrate this 4/20 and National Cold Brew Coffee Day holiday mashup."

Here's how you can score this combo for free

According to the press release obtained by Mashed, these donuts are intended as a delicious "munchie" for the 4/20 festivities. Domenic Borrelli, president of beverage creations for STōK in North America states "When it comes to cold brew coffee, it's all we do at STōK, so it's safe to say that National Cold Brew Coffee Day is our day."

These specialty donuts come in three variations with striking names. The Four Lightning Jolts flavor has a STōK Cold Brew glaze, coffee beans, and a raised white chocolate-based lightning bolt. The Four Java Joints variety is also raised, with STōK Cold Brew frosting, coffee beans, and cinnamon crumbles. Finally, the Four Midnight STōKers are chocolate-based featuring a STōK Cold Brew glaze and topped with white chocolate crisps.

If you love coffee and donuts, there's even more good news. The first 100 online orders, starting at 4:20 a.m. PST on April 20, are free — including delivery. If you're in Santa Monica, California area, you can also swing by DK's Donuts on the same day, starting at the same early time, and order the combo which includes a single-serve bottle of STōK cold brew and a Lighting Jolt donut. The first 420 orders are free.