The Best French Press Coffee Makers Of 2022

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Deliciously known otherwise as a coffee plunger, the French press is as simple and Parisian as it sounds –– a carafe with a filter attached to the end of a plunger that presses and extracts the coffee from the grounds. First designed in 1852 by the French, the French press's low-waste, economically sustainable, and low energy usage appeals to a environmentally conscious generation and society –– no K-cups or coffee filters required.

Using a French press for coffee is similar to steeping tea –– it allows the water to "mix and mingle" with the coffee grounds to achieve an intense, yet savory coffee concoction. However, it's not as easy as throwing coffee grounds into a pot and pouring water overtop, according to an interview in Mashed with Alex Azoury, CEO of Home Grounds. Making a perfect cup of French press coffee is about grinding your own coffee beans to a medium or coarse consistency, finding your water to coffee ratio, and of course, finding the right French press.

When looking for the right French press, it's important to consider the three parts of a French press –– the carafe, the plunger/filter, and the lid (via Barista Joy). Azoury, in that same Mashed interview, says he prefers ceramic, and tempered glass is fragile, but doesn't negatively affect the taste of your coffee like plastic could. A good plunger is key to keeping coffee grounds from passing through, creating a muddy and textured coffee, and a good lid protects you from scalding hot coffee.

How we selected products

When sifting through various types and styles of French presses, it can be overwhelming to choose what would work best for your needs. Different factors we looked at when selecting the best products were materials used, overall aesthetics, lid and filter features, and size. Along with physical features, we tried to pick different products that would best fulfill a wide variety of needs and personal styles, as well as different lifestyles and intended uses.

When researching, we didn't want to solely focus on personal reviews on the company website or Amazon. Since we did not try every product, we used other first-person accounts about the product without copying and pasting from other similar lists. In addition, we also referenced press releases about certain products, Youtube videos, as well as product descriptors and videos found on company websites. Best Views Reviews –– a catalog of products that uses AI technology to analyze verified reviews was also used as a reference.

Best overall French press

Our overall best French press pick isn't the best because it is flawless, or because it possesses every possible bell and whistle –– it's the best because it is able to fulfill a wider variety of needs for a larger audience.

Rated the Best of Best on Best Views Reviews with an overall 10 out of 10 rating and almost 23,000 five-star reviews, the Müeller French Press is an actual jack of all trades, master of none. Explained in a French Press Buyer's Guide 2022 Youtube video, Müeller holds 34 ounces of coffee, enough to share with a crowd, and has a triple-layered filter that provides a smooth and sediment-free coffee.

According to Müeller's French press page, the double-layered stainless steel retains heat up to 60 minutes longer than glass French press coffee makers, and is drop-proof, rustproof, dishwasher-safe, and "probably bulletproof." The overall look is simple and to-the-point with no added frills, and the cool-to-the touch surface makes for safe handling. For under $30, including replacement filters and a coffee bean canister for traveling, Müeller delivers a quality product that goes to bat against its competitors.

Purchase the Müeller French Press for $29.97 on Amazon.

Best budget French press

Ikea holds a special place in our hearts for its affordable furniture and decor, not to mention an obsession with Ikea meatballs and other exclusive Ikea-branded foods. Ikea's French press, UPPHETTA, is the epitome of all things at Ikea –– affordable, simple, and mildly durable unless under pressure. Its glass carafe, plastic handle, and metal filter look nothing out of the ordinary; available in two sizes, 13.5 ounces and 34 ounces, you can pick between a single serve or two serving option.

The lowest-priced French press on this list at just under $10, it is an easy and accessible way to introduce yourself to the basics of a French press. A press review with Roasty Coffee explains that, despite the basics, you miss some of the benefits and extras included with other French press makers. Also, the smallest option makes a small cup of coffee, if you are taking into consideration the sludgy last bit that stays in the carafe, and the glass isn't double-walled to retain heat. It's only available at Ikea stores and online, and we all know how nightmarish Ikea delivery is, so call it an excuse to make a day trip. However, for "baby's first French press," it's a great start to learning and exploring more.

You can buy the Ikea UPPHETTA French Press at Ikea stores or on their website starting at $9.99.

Best single-serve French press

Sometimes, one cup of coffee is all you need, especially in a household where only one person drinks coffee or tea. Many French press coffee makers claim to be single-serve, but Kona French Press is the one-stop-shop for a one-person coffee show. Rated the French press with the best value for the money on Best Views Reviews, Kona is affordable, yet durable and lightweight.

In a press review for The Spruce Eats, the Kona French Press was praised for its easy-to-grip plunger handle, good plunging capability, and straightforward use. It also is surprisingly durable compared to other glass carafes, thanks to the outer plastic sleeve and connected handle that act as a buffer if dropped. Also, it is small enough to put in a suitcase and travel with, since coffee machines are one of the dirtiest things in a hotel room. Everything a more expensive, flashier, or larger French press can do, Kona french press can do just as well, if not better.

Purchase the 34-ounce Kona French Press for $31.99 on Amazon.

Best Amazon-rated french press

Secura's French press doesn't look out of the ordinary, and in fact, is a doppelganger to some other French press makers on this list. However, don't let looks fool you, as this French press has over 27,000 reviews on Amazon; 85% of those are 5-star reviews, and only 5% are 3-star ratings or lower.

In a 2022 Buyer's Guide for French Press Coffee Maker Youtube video, the three-layered coffee filter creates a clean cup of coffee free of sediment. Also, Secura's French press comes with two replacement coffee filters in case of damage or normal wear-and-tear. It also has double-layered insulation and a cool-to-the-touch surface, not to mention being completely dishwasher-safe. In the Best Views Reviews French press coffee maker category, it was ranked with an overall scoring of 9.7 when considering satisfaction, size, value for money, and other categories. The biggest concern with Secura is that the lid doesn't seal properly and is prone to leaking; however, it would be a great purchase, given the thousands of stellar reviews and a competitive price.

The Secura French Press can be purchased for $26.96 on Amazon.

Best ceramic French press

Le Creuset, like Fiestaware, has developed a cult following from collectors and chefs alike through their trusted ceramic Dutch ovens, and vibrant colors in glossy finishes. The Le Creuset French Press is no exception with its timeless, rustic look and high quality. Since ceramic has a higher ability to retain heat as opposed to glass, it will keep coffee hotter for longer compared to glass carafes. Not only is it dishwasher safe, but it is also freezer safe and oven safe (should you want to do that for some reason), but it's also safe to use with metal utensils

Press reviews like ones seen in Coffee Review, appreciate the familiar aesthetics and colors that are associated with Le Creuset, but found the lid to be wobbly, and filter to be sub-par, with one review on their product page also stating that their filter tore after about 100 uses. That same Coffee Review also cited poor heat retention, saying that the temperature dropped 15 degrees over five minutes. This French press is a great example of how aesthetics and brand imaging can lead to a product becoming popular, but with other reviews recommending Le Creuset's French Press, the hype may be worth the price compared to other stoneware options.

Buy the LeCreuset Stoneware French Press on Amazon for $79.95.

Best compact French press

Have you ever wanted to have a cup of coffee that was juiced like a lemon? Cafflano Kompact Portable Coffee Maker, is an innovative, borderline kitschy, way of having a coffee virtually anywhere with access to water. The mug-sized "French press" is almost too simple to be true –– just open the filter, add coffee grounds, pour in the hot or cold water (for cold brew), wait, and then press and squeeze into a cup.

It rivals the AeroPress French press, which can have more resistance when pressing, and its plastic parts are more prone to breaking. In a Coffee Attendant press review of the Cafflano Kompact, they concluded that the French press was an awesome brewer for an on-the-go traveler that tastes just as good as coffee made in the AeroPress. One of the biggest flaws was the ease of care, as cleaning it without access to a dishwasher and lots of water could be time-consuming and messy. Even though it's not guaranteed to last longer than other French press coffee makers, it's a great option for flying and backpacking that can be brought virtually anywhere.

Purchase the Cafflano Kompact Portable Coffee Maker on Amazon for $39.95.

Best minimalist French press

YIELD's website states that it's all about a combination of functionality and elegant design, creating timeless and modern home goods and jewelry with ethical production and sustainability in mind. YIELD's Ceramic French Press is no exception their manifesto –– a plastic-free, minimalist press that "looks like a small sculpture," according to a quote from Dwell Magazine on the product's page, and "takes morning coffee to a new level of elegance and sophistication," according to a Forbes Magazine review quote.

In a review on the product page from The World of Interiors, their ceramic french press' production follows ethical and fair trade guidelines by working in collaboration with a potter based in Vietnam. The founders of YIELD told Remodelista in an interview that they wanted to create a centerpiece, merging both functionality and beauty through its selection of fresh and light colors like glossy chartreuse and matte sand, and copper pull.

However, reviews found on Food 52 found that buyers thought that the aesthetics overshadowed its functions, from heat loss, to grounds escaping past the filter, and a flimsy lid and pull. Considering the $120 price tag, this piece benefits more from its beauty rather than use, and works best as an occasional coffee maker that leaves you feeling good about your environmental impact.

Purchase the Ceramic French Press at Yield for $120.

Best French press with built-in thermometer

Barista Warrior thought of all the qualities a barista would love to have featured in one French press. One of the most ingenious parts about this French press is the built-in thermometer at the top of the plunger that lets you know when the water has preheated the press to 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit –– once it has preheated, you discard the water, add the beans and then add more water to make the coffee.

On top of that unique design, it features double-walled insulation, double filtration screens, and a cool-to-the-touch surface. Its rust-proof stainless steel is durable and makes up to four cups of 8-ounce coffee at a time. In a Coffee Affection press review, they found the inventiveness of Barista Warrior's built-in thermometer helpful for die-hard french press aficionados, even if it means adding one extra step. The ease of care isn't as easy as some other French press makers, since it is not dishwasher safe, but for under $50, this is a great investment for those looking to elevate their French press coffee making without breaking the bank.

Purchase the Barista Warrior French press for $39.97 on Amazon.

Best French press with micro filter

Espro's French press has long been seen as the high-end way to craft the perfectly-filtered cup of coffee, ranking as the top French press pick. What makes this special is its patented double micro-mesh filters that trap virtually all coffee grounds and particles from escaping the carafe. The filter is also compatible with pour-over styles of coffee by adding a paper filter between the two mesh filters.

Regarding the Espro Press P5 specifically, it's able to prevent the coffee from over brewing by sealing off the coffee from the grounds. However, its best aspect is also considered one of its flaws. In an equipment review of the Espro Press 7 in Coffee Review, they cited that the fine mesh filter was hard to clean in some areas due to the amount of residue trapped. The replacement filters are $18.95 a pop –– on top of a P5 model costing $69.95, and the P7 Press costing as much as $149.95 –– which can make this a very costly press over time. However, for obsessive French press fans that love a clean cup of coffee, the investment is surely worth the initial cost.

The Espro Coffee French Press P5 is $69.95 and can be bought on the brand's website.

Best French press for camping

Stanley Classic Stay Hot French Press makes every morning feel like you are camping. It is made for the outdoors –– an easy-to-clean press that's dishwasher safe and made from 18/8 BPA-free stainless steel. Its double-wall vacuum insulation keeps beverages hot for up to four hours, cold for up to nine hours, and keeps ice icy for 24 hours (watch out, Yeti), making it perfect for hot drinks and cold brew. Plus, with a lifetime guarantee, it's borderline indestructible.

It's also able to hold 48 ounces of liquid –– the beefiest French press on this list, and perfect for large groups whether at home or at the campground. Cnet writer, Kristy Alpert, wrote about her love affair with this French press, transitioning this piece of camping equipment into her everyday routine. Alpert explained how the steel mesh filter left her coffee with less sediment than her traditional glass press, and how "the Stanley factor" of this press resurfaces nostalgic memories of camping trips and different times.

Purchase the Stanley Classic Stay Hot French Press for $69.95 at Backcountry.

Best French press for travel

Bodum French presses have been consistently ranked as some of the best in their market in terms of affordability and bang-for-your-buck, as seen in Wirecutter. Bodum's Travel French Press is the best of both worlds –– a french press and a travel mug to make those early mornings slightly more bearable. It features all the heavy hitters in a french press –– a fine mesh filter, a double-insulated mug, silicone band, and rubber base that makes a perfect companion for other beverages like overnight cold brew and tea.

A press review in Home Grounds explains how the Bodum travel mug is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to take your coffee anywhere. It's quick to assemble in the morning, and cleaning is as easy as popping it in the dishwasher. The only drawback is that prolonged steeping can create bitterness, especially if using it to make tea, and can spoil the coffee, so the faster you drink it, the better it'll taste.

Purchase the Bodum Travel French Press on Amazon for $26.94.

Best insulated French press

Coffee Gator's insulated French press may not turn water into wine, but it does, according to its website, turn water into magic (cue the rainbow). Made out of double-layered stainless steel, it is durable, drop-proof, rust-proof, and keeps coffee and tea hot for 60 minutes longer than traditional glass French presses. Its double mesh filter keeps coffee grounds out of your cup of joe. Plus, if you purchase through Amazon, it comes with a canister for your coffee grounds, making it easy to travel and camp with.

In a press review on Home Grounds, the Coffee Gator received praise for its heat retention that keeps your hands cool and your coffee hot. However, a potential downfall is its bulky 34-ounce size, which could be heavy and cumbersome when backpacking or camping. Also, it's not the most groundbreaking in terms of fashion, offering neon-adjacent colors in orange and pink, as well as the classic black and silver. It advertises as dishwasher-safe, but in one review on the website, the paint coating started chipping away after only six months. However, if you want a no-frills, heavy-duty French press, Gator's got your back.

Purchase the Coffee Gator French Press for $39.99 on Amazon.

Best high-end French press

The Cadillac of French presses, Freiling's french press offers both sleekness and durability, with its double-walled insulation to keep coffee and tea hotter four times longer. Its classic mirror finish complements any kitchen style and aesthetic, as long as you don't mind a few lingering fingerprints. A unicorn in itself, it is available in a vast variety of sizes –– 17, 23, 36, or 44 ounces — perfect for both single servings and large crowds for entertaining, and it's 100% dishwasher-safe.

Customers on Frieling's website and Food52 raved about its durability (especially after breaking multiple glass French press makers) and functionality, from the stability of the plunger to the double filter. In a test review for The Spruce Eats of Frieling's french press the most glaring flaws were its heavier weight, which makes it harder to travel with, and the built-up resistance when plunging that could lead to a potential coffee geyser. Another downside is the price –– almost $100 for the 17 ounce press, and almost $160 for the largest 44 ounce option –– a hefty price when cheaper and comparable options are available. Hey, that's why it's in the high-end category, making it an investment piece that will outlast others like it.

Buy the Frieling French Press starting at $99.95 on the brand's website.

Best modern French press

Fellow called its Clara French Press "the cure for the common cafetière," and its unique design and attention to detail shuttles it into a modern age away from Mr.Coffee pots (no hate to our humble, coffee beginnings). Its "unique vacuum insulated walls" keep the coffee inside hot, even into your second and third cup, and the all-directional pour lid and ultra-fine mesh filter make for a smooth and effortless pour.

There are also some unique features not seen with other traditional French presses –– a swiveling agitator stick to enhance flavor extraction, and coffee and water ratio lines. Plus, the sleek design is timeless, modern, and minimal, with matte black everything and an optional walnut handle.

Reviewers on the website claim it as the "easiest french press to use, ever," and simple and sleek, as well as "beautiful and easy." However, for the price of $99 ($135 if you pick the option with the walnut handle), the size is on the smaller end. Despite that, and the hard-to-read ratio markings, it received ratings 4.5 to 5 in terms of performance, insulation, ease of care (only the filter is dishwasher safe), and cleanup, making it a unique and modern splurge to add to your kitchen gadget collection.

Purchase the Clara French Press at Fellow starting at $99.

If you made it to the end you deserve to make another cup of coffee (or tea), since skimming this took a lot of brainpower.