Instagram Is Raining Hearts And Fire On Padma Lakshmi's Bathtub Video

After a long day, most of us want nothing more than to kick back and relax. For some, this means crawling into bed. For others, this entails fixing up the perfect late-night snack and watching a movie. And for Padma Lakshmi, unwinding apparently looks like a warm bath.

Lakshmi shared in an interview with Shondaland that she has a bathtub in her bedroom, saying, "I find that it's much more relaxing in the bedroom, because it's a nicer environment." To make her baths even more "interesting and therapeutic," Lakshmi adds essential oils or bath salts. Sometimes she enjoys a nosh with some wine, reads a book, or catches up on her favorite TV shows.

Fans first got a glimpse of Lakshmi's bathtub setup back in 2019, when the chef and TV personality posted about her self-care moment on Instagram. The photo has received nearly 40,000 likes, so it's no surprise that fans were just as admiring of Lakshmi's latest tub post.

Padma Lakshmi appreciates a weekend bath

On April 15, Padma Lakshmi offered fans another peek into her personal life with a quick Instagram video from her bathtub. She captioned the post, "Entering the weekend like..." while in the video, she emerges like a mystical being from a milkily opaque, petal-laden bath.

The sudsy content quickly racked up more than 33,000 likes and nearly 600 comments. Many of her fans were in awe, commenting with clapping and heart-eye emojis. Some complimented the copper tub and "moody" vibes, and one fan even asked with a laughing emoji, "Will you sell some of that bath water?"

However, most of the comments were compliments for Lakshmi herself. Fans dropped hearts and fire emojis and phrases like "this is everything." One person asked where the pizza was, in reference to Lakshmi's all-too-relatable love for pizza. Another hardworking mom wrote in the comments, "Keep being a queen. Our daughters are watching."