M&M Enthusiasts Will Love Adidas' New Sneakers

M&M's lovers and Sneakerheads can join forces with this new sneaker collab that is dropping on April 19 at 12 p.m. EDT. The launch will be on the Adidas CONFIRMED app, which is used exclusively by fans who want to be the first to access the footwear company's newest releases. So, what would an M&M's Adidas sneaker look like?

Other food companies have partnered with shoes in the past, including White Castle and Puma, as well as Jelly Belly and Reebok. Anyone could see that these products were really inspired by the colors of their respective food items, with the Puma release including beige and orange hues and Reebok's new sneakers having a bright, rainbow color palette.

Likewise, the new Adidas shoes feature inspiration from a favorite M&M's product. Fans who love bright colors and the candy's peanut variety are not going to want to miss out on this launch.

What do the M&M's shoes come with?

Adidas' new shoes don the same bright yellow color scheme as the packaging of its M&M's peanut products. According to the footwear company's website, they are "retro B-ball style," and include luxury leather and a rubber sole.

Proud M&M's fans can wear the shoe with the brand's flag on the side, but it also can be removed. The shoes also come with statement pieces, such as detachable straps, extra laces, and jewels, per Yahoo! The latter two accessories also come in a variety of different colors, to represent all the other different colors of M&M's. Because although the shoes both reflect the color scheme of the yellow M&M and peanut packaging, that doesn't mean the red and blue M&M's should be forgotten in this product launch!

All of this comes in a matching, bright yellow box for a total of $150. The pair will certainly be a sweet and colorful addition to any Sneakerhead's shoe collection.