Ree Drummond Tears Up Over This Throwback Of Her Kids

"The Pioneer Woman" has been airing on Food Network since 2011, and though lots has changed over the years, one thing every season shares is that Ree Drummond, the star of the show, always talks fondly about her five children. More than 25 seasons later, fans likely feel as though they've watched the Pioneer Woman's kids grow up before their very eyes. Some viewers may even have become more attached to the Drummond kids during the pandemic, when they got more involved in the show by helping their mom film episodes and often appearing on camera.

So, when Drummond shared a recent throwback post on Instagram, it had a lot of fans feeling emotional. In the picture, Drummond's four biological kids — Paige, Alex, Bryce, and Todd — can be seen as much younger children, dressed up in suits and dresses, smiling at the camera, and embracing one another. "100% re-creating this on Sunday," Drummond said, referring to the recent Easter holiday. "Excuse me, I have something in my eye, darn allergies!!!" she joked.

Fans loved the throwback photo

So far, Drummond's throwback picture of her kids has more than 120,000 likes, and the positive comments are rolling in. Drummond's daughters, Alex and Paige, both commented cutesy-eyed emojis on the post, while fans reminisced about seeing the children on screen. "What just happened. They grew up in an instant," said one fan. Another was busy rewatching early episodes of "The Pioneer Woman" and had this to say: "All of your kids were so little and so adorable, but sweet little Todd has stolen my heart." These days, Todd is all grown up and playing football for his high school in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

One of Drummond's kids is notably absent from the picture. Jamar Goff, the family's foster son, didn't start living with the Drummonds until 2019, so he wasn't in the original picture. However, he did appear in the group photo Drummond posted to Instagram the day after Easter. Though it's not an exact replica of the picture in her throwback post, it still captures the same spirit: a loving group of siblings and family members gathered together for a day of fun.