Twitter Is Impressed With World Central Kitchen's Meals For Ukraine

It's been four days since a World Central Kitchen outpost in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv was hit by a Russian airstrike, leaving several volunteers wounded, reports The New York Times. The nonprofit organization helmed by Spanish American chef and humanitarian José Andrés has been instrumental in feeding those in need since the onset of the Russia-Ukraine war in February, having teamed up with Ukrainian chefs to bring millions of meals to Ukrainian refugees, per CNN. World Central Kitchen's chief executive, Nate Mook, tweeted a video of himself standing amidst the missile-struck area the day after the attack, deeming the WCK's mission "a heroic act of bravery." Andrés followed suit with a Tweet that said the organization was preparing to set up shop in a different location.

True to his word, Andrés took to the platform again yesterday to offer a look into one of the nonprofit's kitchens in Kyiv that was whipping up hot meals to deliver to local hospitals, and commenters were rightfully impressed. 

Andrés shouts out the impact of WCK's partner organizations

"You see, this is the food we deliver," says José Andrés in the Twitter video as he opens a to-go box filled with pasta, meatballs, and vegetables. He pans around the kitchen, shouting out his friends from VIP Catering. "VIP is one of over 400 amazing WCK restaurant, catering and food truck partners serving 320,000 meals per day in Ukraine and border countries," reads the Twitter caption. "Potatoes, potatoes, more potatoes, and beets, and beets, and more cabbage," he quips in the video, waving to a group of volunteers prepping ingredients. He dips over to the next room to introduce the kitchen's pastry chef, who says he's just bagged up the latest batch of baked goods to bring to a nearby children's hospital.

The comment section is overflowing with support and gratitude. "Bless this fine organization ... and its support to so many restaurant chefs in times of great need!" wrote one user, who also noted his approval of the copious amounts of borscht ingredients in the kitchen. Several others agreed that Andrés deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts, which would go well with the National Humanities Medal the chef earned from President Barack Obama in 2016. Those inquiring about how to support the World Central Kitchen were given a link to the organization's website, which is always accepting donations.