Why A One-Handed Drink Dispenser Failed To Impress TikTok

With so many kitchen gadgets out there, it can be difficult to figure out what you actually need to buy and will regularly use. We've rounded up some of the cooking tools that every kitchen needs. For some events like summer parties, items like Costco's 3-gallon beverage dispenser could be useful, but for everyday use, Food Network recently shared a video of a one-handed drink dispenser on their TikTok account.

The text on the video called this dispenser "one thing you need from Amazon," and you attach this gadget to the top of drink containers. In the video, someone demonstrates how to use the dispenser. By keeping your milk or juice containers in the door of your fridge, you can use just one hand to get the liquid into your cup or bowl. According to the TikTok, this dispenser is powered by a battery and a seal made out of rubber, but not everyone in the comments section is rushing to add this to their kitchen.

TikTok thinks that this drink dispenser would be difficult to clean

Despite the overall positive review from the Food Network TikTok account, based on the comments on the video, it looks like not everyone wants this drink dispenser. One person said, "It actually gets really moldy where you can't clean the inside mechanics." Another commenter already bought this product and doesn't recommend it, writing, "Nope, we got it and it kept getting clogged and not working!"

Plus, the cleaning downsides aren't limited to the dispenser itself. One person playfully wrote, "Nah. because I could totally see my kids trying to shoot that in their mouths, thus creating more spills for me to clean." It looks like other TikTok users agreed and also found this funny since this comment had over 300 likes. A Twitter user also thought cleaning the device would be difficult.

Although many commenters think that this one-handed dispenser would be too difficult to clean, others thought that this gadget would be helpful for people who can't lift heavy containers or for getting their children to be more independent. For those who do buy this product, one Tiktoker had a cleaning suggestion saying, "Just place the gadget in soapy water or vinegar water. Push the button and flushing it thru. Repeat until it's clean."