What You Need To Know About The Red Lentil Dal Recall At Whole Foods

If you're someone who occasionally likes to grab their lunch from the Whole Foods Market ready-to-eat section, you might want to listen up. According to a report from the FDA, the organic grocery chain is recalling its red lentil dal meal, which contains pickled curried cauliflower from Doux South Specialities because of a possible listeria risk. 

Listeria is linked to approximately 1,600 infections and 260 deaths yearly, per the CDC. It poses a particular threat to the elderly, children, and persons who are immunocompromised. Infection can also put pregnant people at high risk for miscarriages and stillbirth. The decision to voluntarily pull red lentil dal came about after the product's manufacturer Bakkavor USA learned on April 19 from Doux South that the cauliflower had been compromised. Per the FDA, it remains unknown exactly how many items were affected, but potentially contaminated products were distributed to Whole Foods locations in 49 states around the country. (The one state currently not named is Hawaii.)

At the time of writing, Whole Foods has not reported any customer incidents or illnesses related to the consumption of the red lentil dal. It also remains unclear what the original source of the contamination was, but the FDA states authorities and Doux South Specialities are currently investigating the issue. However, to be on the safe side, Bakkavor has completely stopped producing and distributing the red lentil dal until further notice. 

What to do if you have any recalled products on hand

If you currently have a tray of Whole Foods red lentil dal in the fridge, you should definitely check the package SKU. Per the FDA, the recall affects the red lentil dal meal sold in 12-ounce clear plastic trays with the UPC 1 95515 02394 8 and "use by" dates ranging between April 15 and April 26, 2022. Individuals who purchased the item with these details from Whole Foods within the last few weeks can bring a receipt into the store for a full refund.  

This isn't the only health alert affecting Whole Foods shoppers this week. On April 21, Alpine Fresh foods recalled its "Hippie Organic" green beans in 12 different states due to a risk of listeria contamination.

The FDA urges customers who may have already consumed any recalled products to be on the lookout for any potential signs of foodborne illness. Per Mayo Clinic, symptoms of listeria infection in healthy individuals can include muscle aches, severe headache, chills, nausea, and diarrhea. Symptoms typically begin within a few days of eating contaminated food products but may take several weeks to appear. Signs of more serious infection include loss of balance, chills, convulsions, difficulty breathing, and a high fever.

Individuals who experience any signs of illness after eating the recalled products should seek prompt medical attention. For more information, you can contact the FDA directly at 1-844-936-8255.