What Do You Remember About The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Kitchen?

Have you ever watched a TV show only to realize that you seriously envy the kitchen? Or maybe it's the opposite, and you find yourself wondering how a set director could have decided on those cabinets paired with those kitchen counters.

Television kitchens are often a large part of the show; after all, the kitchen tends to be where family and friends gather. In plenty of 1990s shows, including "Full House" and "Friends," the kitchen was always prominently featured.

Think back to "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" — Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv's gorgeous Bel-Air mansion was complete with a kitchen the size of a small apartment. Though the kitchen and living room were the only two rooms that received significant air time, both were memorable. If you've ever stopped to truly assess the layout and features, you might have recognized that the Banks' family eating spot was something out of a 1990s dream home.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air kitchen was nothing short of luxury

You can certainly still stream this popular sitcom, and you might even catch it on cable every now and then (if you still have cable). Kitchen Cabinet Kings decided to take a stroll down memory lane and highlight all of the high-quality features of this lavish kitchen. Besides the massive island with a built-in gas cook top, the kitchen also had glass cabinet doors — something that was only possible if the dinnerware was constantly kept presentable (which it was, presumably, by Geoffrey Butler).

The cabinets had lighting underneath to illuminate the countertops. There were double ovens on the wall, ample space for a kitchen table, and classy copper pots and pans that hung above the windows. The room was tied together with black-and-white tile floors and plenty of windows to let in some natural light. Though the space might not be someone's dream room 30 years later, HuffPost once suggested the sitcom kitchen was one of the "most important kitchens on television."