What Blake Lively Really Eats In A Day

Blake Lively is a very busy woman — she has three children with her husband Ryan Reynolds, movie projects in the works, and she's also an entrepreneur having launched her flavored non-alcoholic drink brand, Betty Buzz. 

Among the many hats she might wear, Lively is best known for her role in the movie "The Shallows," in which she fights a shark, and CW's "Gossip Girl," where she played Serena Van Der Woodsen, a wealthy teenager who was always hungry. The insatiable character often munched on chocolate strawberries and pie, and in real life, Blake Lively isn't that far from her on-screen character (via Eat This, Not That!).

It's a known fact that Lively enjoys food, which is evident from her Instagram posts where she's been known to post about baked goods such as macarons and cupcakes. A unicorn cake that Lively posted on Instagram was so gorgeous that she expected a Hollywood handshake, referring to the famous "The Great British Bake Off" judge Paul Hollywood and his signature sign of approval. In case you're wondering, here's how Hollywood really feels about Blake Lively's baking.  

But with three children in tow, a baking hobby, and a beverage business to run, there must be some secret for maintaining all that energy while regularly indulging in cake. So what does Blake Lively really eat in a day?

She starts her day with a glass of water followed by a healthy breakfast

Whether or not you believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, Blake Lively does. The actor is focusing on "consistency — in her workout, but also in her diet," according to an E! News interview with Lively's personal trainer Don Saladino. She starts her day off with a glass of water. As Saladino told Cosmopolitan, it's important that Blake stays well hydrated early in the day. What often follows are a few eggs and fresh vegetables cooked in coconut oil, maybe some oats after that, while fresh fruit is saved for the end of breakfast if she's still feeling hungry. This meal provides her with proper nutrients and helps to balance her sugar levels, per Saladino.

According to Vogue 73 Questions interview, one of Lively's favorite breakfast foods is eggs, specifically eggs benedict, and who can blame her? Healthline reports that eggs are packed with protein and essential nutrients, and provide us with energy throughout the day. 

When Lively was working on "The Rhythm Section," she woke up, had a workout with her girls, and then indulged in spinach, poached eggs, and vegan chocolate chip cookies (via Vanity Fair). Sounds like the breakfast of champions.

Lively says eggs Benedict make the best brunch

After breakfast, there's brunch, a late morning meal that's enjoyed with or without the first and second meals of the day. In Vogue's 73 Questions interview, the actor revealed that she absolutely loves eating eggs benedict for brunch. However, brunch staples such as fizzy mimosas made with orange juice and Champagne are not her cup of tea as Lively doesn't drink alcohol. And the Betty Buzz founder also has similar tastes as many of us do. Her favorite condiment, for example, is mayonnaise, "unless icing is considered a condiment," she tells Vogue.

Other interesting tidbits from the interview include Lively's favorite food that she can eat any time of the day, even for brunch, which is melted cheese, while her least favorite food is sea urchin.

She also mentioned to Vogue that she loves baking, but shares that she bakes way too often and reveals that her husband, Ryan Reynolds, affectionately dubbed their home "The Blakery." 

Between her love for confections and nutritious foods too, it's not a surprise that Lively knows what makes the perfect brunch — after all, in 2010 she took a course at the infamous Le Cordon Bleu cooking school in Paris, the same school Julia Child's studies at (per POPSUGAR.).

Lively enjoys protein-packed fish or chicken for lunch

Lively opts to keep her lunches light and healthy. The afternoon meal typically consists of fish or chicken, a fresh salad, and a sweet potato, which is high in fiber and micronutrients, according to her trainer Don Saladino (via E! News). These nutritious foods keep the body going through the day and also help keep us fuller, so there's less chance of being hungry at inopportune times, which is important for the busy mother of three.

Apart from the above-mentioned foods, Lively's lunch is often enriched with good fats such as avocado, olive oil, and nuts, and all of those are often added to her healthy salads. 

Before the shooting of the movie "The Shallows," Lively used to eat four smaller meals that were scattered throughout her day — "a protein, a vegetable, and a slow-burning carb," Saladino reveals in an interview with People. The trainer offers some eating tips that his clients (like Lively) often abide by, saying in short, your plate should always be colorful, and the best lunch combo is a mix of protein, veggies, and slow-burning carbs.

She has chicken and vegetables for dinner

For the actor, chicken is often on the menu, as her dinner is almost the same as her lunch. However, Lively will substitute one protein for another, so if she ate fish for lunch, it's going to be chicken for dinner. Her lunchtime salad enriched with healthy fats will now be replaced with freshly cooked or grilled vegetables, while that sweet potato that she often opts for lunch is replaced with a moderate amount of white rice. Considering the jam-packed days of working, baking, and mothering, healthy foods that provide sustainable energy are always the best option for Lively (via Eat This, Not That!).

Still, we can't help but wonder about her absolute favorite foods — melted cheese and truffle pappardelle — which are certainly a treat after for anyone. But it's not always hot cheese and homemade truffle pasta. Sometimes hubby Ryan Reynolds likes to take her out for a romantic dinner, for example, just a few months after their first child, the couple enjoyed dinner over Valentine's weekend in upstate New York at "The Inn at Pound Ridge" (via People).

Lively spices up her day with snacks and treats

Just like all of us, Lively also enjoys a snack or sweet treat throughout the day. In an interview with Oprah.com, she shares her favorite quick recipe, which happens to be a dessert. With her love for baking, we were surprised to discover that it's a hot fudge sundae. Here's how she described it: "Melt down a bar of chocolate, mix it into some warmed-up whipping cream, and put it on top of ice cream. Add some sprinkles, and you've got a delicious treat." Yum. 

Because the actor has an affinity for baking, and as we have learned she does bake often, it's no wonder that she also appreciates other sugary goodies such as homemade cookies and lavishly decorated cupcakes. And her choice of beverage? Blake enjoys indulging in a steaming cup of hot chocolate, not coffee, as she mentioned in a 73 Question Interview with Vogue, stating that coffee goes "in the trash." If you are a cocoa lover like Blake, check out the secret to making the best hot chocolate.