Here's What Duff Goldman's 'Day Dates' With His Wife Johnna Are Like

Baker, cookbook author, and television personality Duff Goldman likely has a jam-packed schedule. After all, he's got a lot on his plate — tending to his various businesses, recipe development, filming for the numerous shows he appears on, and much more. However, as his Instagram page demonstrates, he always makes time in his schedule for the two most important people in his life: his wife, Johnna, and his daughter and frequent taste-tester, Josephine.

While those who don't follow him on social media might assume Goldman lives somewhere in Los Angeles to make filming for his various projects more convenient, the Goldman family home base is actually in the more rural area of Topanga, California (via People). They have a home out in the woods, as Goldman describes it, where he often shares snaps of what he's feeding his daughter, what he's whipping up in the kitchen, or simply the beautiful sights he spots in their relatively rural paradise with his social media followers.

It turns out that the Goldman family home's location is actually one of the key factors behind Goldman and his wife Johnna's day dates. They're not jetting off to Los Angeles for ritzy events, or even dining at the nearest hot spots which Goldman has the inside scoop on courtesy of his role in the food industry. The day dates the duo frequently embarks on are seriously wholesome and keep the couple very close to their home.

The Goldmans like 'outdoor family time'

Goldman spilled to People that his property's relatively remote location was a major factor that bonded him and his wife together so closely, as they spend so much time together in their house out in the woods. While glimpses of Goldman's home on Instagram highlight a stunning space with a rustic yet minimalist design and a ton of natural light shining through the abundance of windows, you're bound to feel a bit of cabin fever while stuck in any space for months on end during the pandemic.

Goldman and his wife's solution was to head outside for something he deems "outdoor family time," which allows him to enjoy some quality time with his wife and daughter, every single day. As he told the publication, daughter Josephine hangs out in a playpen they have set up outdoors while he lifts some weights at a gym area he's set up and his wife exercises her mind by doing crossword puzzles. Once finished with their solo pursuits, they all spend time together listening to music and soaking in the scenic natural setting of their property.

It seems that the day dates are too pleasant for Goldman to give up. His latest show, "Ace of Taste," was filmed at the Topanga Community Center, keeping him near home (via People). He'll be branching out from his signature sweet treats for that show, as per Food Network, whipping up desserts as well as hearty family fare.