7 Best Vegan Marshmallow Brands Ranked Worst To Best

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Ah, marshmallows. Those powdery puffs of sweet, chewy magic. They're an integral part of our childhood memories and our adulthood nostalgia. They make their way into our lives in the form of s'mores, cereal treats, and as toppings for hot cocoa and sweet potatoes at holiday time. Not everyone who loves marshmallows is able to indulge, however. The formula for marshmallows includes gelatin, which is what makes these gooey confections squishy and sticky, as well as providing stability for long shelf life. But gelatin is an animal by-product derived from the bones and connective tissue of cows and pigs, which makes marshmallows a no-no for vegans, Surely, there's a solution out there that can help non-animal eaters revel in the smooshy, sugary goodness ...

Vegan marshmallows to the rescue! Substitutes like carrageenan and agar-agar, both created from plant-based sources, can substitute for gelatin to provide a lifeline for marshmallow-loving vegans. Vegan marshmallows are ideal for anyone eating kosher and halal, too, both of which observe strict limitations on certain animal products.

The global marshmallow market is only expected to grow through the 21st century. With vegan versions adding to the ever-expanding marshmallow scene and big brands like Ben and Jerry's working plant-based marshmallow ingredients into their popular desserts, there's now a wide array to satisfy even the most selective sweet tooth. To help you sift through it all, we've tracked down the most notable brands of vegan marshmallows and ranked them worst to best.

7. Yümmallo

Though Yümmallo offers a whole line of traditional marshmallows in intriguing flavors like popcorn and spicy and sweet, its vegan marshmallows are the real showstopper, largely due to their broad availability in Walmart stores. The brand also has tiny vegan marshmallows available online, for moments when vegan hot chocolate needs a cloud of tufted sweetness floating on top. In addition to replacing gelatin with carrageenan as a chewy thickener, Yümmallo also leaves corn syrup out of its ingredients to provide a more thoughtful version of this vegan treat. The brand also omits artificial colors that make its other offerings eye-poppingly cute, like the pastel-hued non-vegan Unicorn Poop marshmallows.

Though the availability makes them an attractive prospect, its rating profile at Walmart.com ranks them just above average, with some reviewers noting the marshmallows are "very sweet and they ... just dissolved in your mouth and left a sugary, grainy after taste." Another reviewer questions the true vegan nature of Yümmallo, pointing out that the "natural" vanilla flavor listed in the ingredients may violate vegan standards: "Naturally flavored items are flavored through a synthetic process not a natural and organic process." While there is truth in this statement, the synthetic process doesn't include animal products, which makes the extent of their vegan nature a decision to be made by individual consumers.

6. Free From Fellows

Free From Fellows is a U.K.-based vegan confection company that markets three marshmallow variations: a traditional vanilla flavor, a strawberry flavor, both in large-sized versions, and mini-marshmallows in a vanilla flavor pink and white mix. These also boast natural colors, no GMO ingredients, and are free from 14 important allergens, including gluten and soy. This attention to vegan ethics and generally mindful production standards is part of parent company, Bravura Foods, which adheres to vegan and vegetarian ethics as part of its core mission. With the addition of marshmallows to its collection of gelatin-free gummies and other vegan candies, Freedom From Fellows' profile as a kind confectioner has expanded sweetly.

Though these vegan treats show limited rating information on Amazon they hold a much higher rating at grocery retailer Sainsburys, with a near-unanimous 4.5 out of 5 stars. The one dissenting reviewer calls out that Free From Fellows' mallows are "Nowhere near as nice as the Freedom Mallows Sainsbury's used to stock," which places them below Freedom Mallows on our list ... the names may be similar, but they present two different versions of vegan marshmallows.

5. Ananda

Ananda is a family-run confection company whose marshmallows were originally created in 2008 to provide vegan toast-worthy treats for the founder's young children. Their gelatin-free marshmallows in gourmet flavors help make this artisan candy company one of a kind. The vegan marshmallows appear in several of the brand's products, including the stand-alone Totally Toastable marshmallows, perfectly sized for s'mores and gooey open-fire roasting, a fruit-flavored marshmallow gift pack, and a mind-blowing seasonal blueberry pancake-flavored marshmallow. The gluten-free Strawberry Round-up, a classic wagon wheel snack cake featuring Belgian chocolate-coated marshmallow with a jam center, was even a 2021 Free From Food Award winner. Not only does Ananda profess to create a quality product, but it's also got the bling to back it up.

With real vanilla extract called out on the ingredients list, Ananda makes it known that they exclude synthetic flavorings, a bonus for those who take their vegan ethics seriously. But Ananda's vegan marshmallows are only available for purchase in the U.K., which makes shipping them outside of Europe an expensive prospect. Industry awards notwithstanding, limited availability keeps these spongy sweets from being dubbed Best in Show.

4. Freedom Mallows

These tasty wonders from Freedom Confectionery, a Lancashire-based family candy company, are available in 5,000 stores in the U.K. Freedom's owners worked for 10 years to create the world's most inclusive marshmallow, free of 14 common allergens as well as being vegan, kosher, and halal. The brand's Mallows were finally brought to market in 2013, filling the gap for marshmallow lovers forced to refrain due to dietary, allergy, and religious considerations. Mindful production practices have positioned them as a thoughtful, consumer-conscious alternative.

Freedom Confectionery offers several marshmallow treats, including a dairy-free chocolate-coated marshmallow candy bar called Mallow Out, bite-sized versions called Mallow Bites, vegan hot chocolate bombs loaded with mini-marshmallows, and larger BBQ Vegantic mallows that are perfect for roasting over a campfire. In addition to its own line of tempting creations, Freedom also provides foodservice versions of its vegan marshmallow as add-ins for other products such as ice creams, cereals, and cookies. Its vegan marshmallows have even been featured in partnerships with such recognized brands as Dunkin' Donuts, McDonalds, and Krispy Kreme. Heroic efforts like these to bring vegan marshmallows to a hungry audience, along with availability abroad via Amazon, position Freedom Mallows near the top of the leaderboard.

3. Mallow Puffs

Bite-sized vegan puffs of marshmallow goodness drenched in UTZ-certified, sustainably farmed Belgian chocolate sounds like a sure-fire success in the world of mindful sweets. Add to this the possibility of raspberry, salted caramel, and vanilla bean flavor existing in the marshmallows themselves, and you have Mallow Puffs, the third-best vegan marshmallow in this whole wide list! The Belgian creators of these dreamy sweets, were purveyors of premium marshmallows even before the company invented its vegan version, credit air — yes, air! — for the extra-fluffy texture of the mallows. The mouthwatering Instagram pics the brand posts of its products being used to create mouthwatering desserts like vegan skillet brownie s'mores suggest that air probably isn't the main event for customers, though.

According to the store list on its website, Mallow Puffs are available in many countries, including in specialty stores around the U.S., and even in some Whole Foods locations. They may have a dreamy, pillowy texture, but it's best not to sleep on your chance to try these international temptations.

2. Trader Joe's

When word hit that Trader Joe's had made its marshmallows vegan, cries of joy could practically be heard throughout the land. A popular food retailer with a stunning array of beloved house brands catering to the vegan crowd? It was a moment that discerning marshmallow lovers who were also faithful Trader Joe's shoppers had been waiting for! But the outpouring of happiness was short-lived once the news broke that the sticky treats were only a seasonal offering, not a full-time shelf item.

While the possibility of a vegan marshmallow from this dedicated food mecca was undercut by the limited availability, the well-reviewed quality of a Trader Joe's vegan marshmallow ranks it highly among the others. If only there were more of them to go around! Legend has it, if you stand very still and scan the periphery of the internet at just the right moment, you'll find bags of peppermint mini-marshmallows on the Trader Joe's website. It's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it phenomenon, akin to spotting a yeti or finding a parking spot near the entrance of an Ikea at noon on a Saturday. But if you're patient, diligent, and fast on the click, you may find a bag or two lurking in the wilds of a TJ's near you someday. It's best to stock up when that moment comes.

1. Dandies

If paradise has an official food, it's likely to be Dandies vegan marshmallows. They're animal- and allergen-free, they're delicious, and they're available just about everywhere, which is why Dandies tops our list of vegan marshmallow brands. These airy confections are perfect for including in phenomenal marshmallow-based treats like popcorn balls and s'mores bars, and they're equally spectacular as a sweet nosh plucked straight out of the bag for impromptu snacking. Though Dandies does use soy protein and natural vanilla flavor in its recipe, its seven-item ingredient list is as trim as possible, with no corn syrup, added dyes, or strange preservatives included.

As part of parent company Chicago Vegan Foods, Dandies are as close to a national brand as vegan marshmallows come, with shelf presence in grocery retailers and specialty shops around the U.S. They're also available in Canada and the U.K. via online channels. With seasonal flavors that include pumpkin, maple, and peppermint, there are Dandies selections for those sweet holiday occasions when marshmallows make indulging in gooey treats much more special — moments that vegan marshmallow fans are able to enjoy now, too.