Pretzelmaker Has A Fun Freebie For National Pretzel Day

Niche food holidays punctuate every month on the calendar — we've already missed our chance to throw parties for cream puffs, fettuccine alfredo, and chicken noodle soup this year, per Foodimentary — but many of them pass by without much fanfare. That may not be the case for National Pretzel Day (today, April 26), which invites the public to put their other cravings on hold for the doughy, salty treat. 

Established in 1983 by former Lancaster County representative Robert Walker, the holiday is as good an opportunity as any to learn about the food's medieval European origins. While it's shrouded in legend, the John Heinz History Center says that Italian monks reportedly invented the pretzel by twisting dough into the shape of praying arms and handing them out "to reward schoolchildren." The source claims that the pretzel made its way to other countries like Switzerland by the 1600s, where they were eaten at weddings to symbolize "the matrimonial bond." A century later, German immigrants allegedly brought their version of the pretzel to their new home in Pennsylvania, paving the way for the food's lasting popularity in America. 

To honor the storied baked good, retailers like Synder's and Whisps hock deals and freebies for National Pretzel Day. Per Chew Boom, the independent franchise Pretzelmaker is joining the party by giving away a free surprise treat today at participating locations nationwide.

A salted (or unsalted) surprise

Chew Boom reports that Pretzelmaker will celebrate National Pretzel Day by handing out a complimentary treat to customers on April 26 only — no purchase necessary. "Available exclusively in-store, the free surprise item applies to salted and unsalted offerings and may vary by location," the outlet notes. 

The chain, which was founded in 1991 and claims to be "home of the world's best soft pretzel," offers all manner of twists (pun very much intended) on the classic, from pretzels with savory seasonings like ranch, garlic, and "everything" to sweet ones like cinnamon sugar and almond crunch. They also recently introduced two new items: pretzel bites (snack-sized pillows of dough that have the same toppings as the regular pretzels) and pretzel dogs (franks wrapped in a cylindrical pretzel bun). While Pretzelmaker's free treat for National Pretzel day will indeed be a surprise, we can at least rest easy knowing it'll be some type of buttery, chewy, pretzel-y creation.