These Are David Byrne's Favorite Foods

David Byrne is best known as the eccentric founder and frontman of Talking Heads, one of the most legendary new wave bands of all time. The four-piece group's most famous hits include "Once in a Lifetime," "Burning Down the House," "And She Was," "This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)," and "Take Me to the River," among others. In addition to his career as an influential, generation-spanning musician, Byrne is also a prolific filmmaker, Broadway star, author, magazine editor, and Academy Award-winning composer, per IMDb.

But if you've ever wondered what the one and only Byrne eats in a given day to fuel his mind and body, you'll be delighted to know that the Scottish-born rock icon's diet is quite relatable. For example, he humbly revealed to The Guardian that he isn't above leftovers. He admits to enjoying the tender texture of meat after it has "marinated" in Tupperware overnight. A lot of his fans can likely attest to this quirk, which makes Byrne all the more wholesome and admirable. So, what else does David Byrne consume while on the road and at home?

David Byrne is fond of spicy food and bourbon

David Byrne's personal menu has elements of both elegance and simplicity. He spends most of his downtime at his apartment in Manhattan, where kitchens tend to be either compact with minimal counter space or virtually nonexistent. Because of this, he doesn't cook at home as often as he would like, as he told The Guardian. However, he loves spicy foods, and particularly enjoys cooking Mexican and Indian cuisines. He also apparently makes a mean sofrito. While dining out, he orders flavorful dishes like monkfish, porcini mushrooms, and grilled aubergine leaves with tzatziki sauce.

And what about breakfast? As he reads the news in the morning, Byrne sips grapefruit juice and coffee, as he revealed to Los Angeles Times reporter Mikael Wood, and he doesn't shy away from espresso drinks that give him an extra jolt of energy. David is also a self-proclaimed bourbon connoisseur. He was even a guest on the music-and-whiskey-centric podcast "The Fred Minnick Show" in 2020, during which he enthusiastically talked about his penchant for the spirit. "I have some friends who love bourbon probably more than I do, to be honest," he said in the interview. "I immediately think of my friends [when I think of bourbon]." Friendship, bourbon, and David Byrne — all things worth toasting.