Why Twitter Thinks Doritos Might Roll Out A Stranger Things Flavor

Doritos is always dropping new collabs and Twitter thinks their next one may have to do with Netflix's hit series "Stranger Things." Whether you prefer Nachos Cheese or Cool Ranch, the chips rank number 23 on the YouGov America list of favorite snack foods. What's not to love when it comes to these tortilla chips with so much powdery flavor? The finger-licking deliciousness makes them an easy brand for the world of entertainment to collaborate with. In 2019, the chip brand collaborated with Chance The Rapper on a remix of the Backstreet Boys song  "I Want It That Way," for a Super Bowl commercial to promote the Flamin' Hot Nacho flavor (via PRNewswire). Recently, the company even announced a collaboration with Skullcandy for Doritos-themed air earbuds.

"Stranger Things" is also not new to collaborations. There is the obvious campaign with Eggo waffles (via the Drum), but not all of the show's promotional food pairings have tied in with the plot. The cult hit had its own Starbucks Secret Menu Frapp, the Demogorgon. It also partnered with Burger King on an Upside Down Whopper (via CNN) and with Baskin Robbins on several ice cream flavor offerings including U.S.S. Butterscotch, Eleven's Heaven, and Upside Down Praline. So, what breadcrumbs are leading Twitter to think a Doritos collab is on the horizon?

There's going to be an epic concert

This week Doritos took to Twitter to share the message, "ƃuᴉɯoɔ sᴉ ǝƃuɐɹʇs ƃuᴉɥʇǝɯos #LiveFromTheUpsideDown," which contains the phrase "something strange is coming" in upside-down text. The community is starting to buzz that this is a harbinger of a "Stranger Things" collab, as the chips company even turned their profile picture to match that upside-down text. One member of the Twitterverse responded with a photo of an upside-down bag of Doritos, and simply captioned with, "This?"  Another confessed, "Had me looking for the ... translation link till I read the hashtag lol," to which Doritos replied, "That's part of the mystery."

So is it happening? Looks like it. We took a peek at the Doritos website and all signs point to yes. The site shares an image of three different bags of Doritos with a "Stranger Things" theme and this message, "Doritos Music Fest '86 was the greatest concert that never happened. The musicians disappeared into another dimension and the show was cancelled. Until now. Doritos and Netflix's 'Stranger Things' present 'Live From The Upside Down,' coming summer of 2022. Go ahead. Claim your ticket. Open the portal. Enjoy the show." If you're shaking with excitement and anticipation, we're with you. To see who is part of this mysterious concert, you will need to visit the site again in May. Hopefully, a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos will hold you over until the lineup is revealed.