The M&M Guinness World Record That Just Keeps Getting Broken

If you've ever longed to see your name in print, you may want to consider attempting to break a Guinness World Record. Not only would your moniker be splashed across the internet, but it would also lavish the pages of the hallowed record book that has sold over "143 million copies in over 100 countries,

per Guinness World Records. Those are some serious bragging rights, and many people and places hold them. Did you know that Benihana has a Guinness World Record?

And why stop at smashing one measly world record? Ashrita Furman of Queens, New York, has broken roughly 700 of them since 1979, including pushing an orange with his nose for a mile, the fastest mile while juggling on a pogo stick, the longest continuous somersault, and the longest time spent underwater hula hooping. Yes, the list of records just waiting to be broken is as plentiful and unique as the people trying to break them. 

According to Shortlist, some of the most doable tasks include making the tallest toilet paper tower in 30 seconds, setting the fastest time to arrange the alphabet from a can of Alphagetti, and assembling a Mr. Potato Head faster than anyone else. Or, you could attempt to break an M&M's-related record that has been broken three times in the last 15 months (via Food & Wine). And while it sounds deceptively simple, it's likely much harder than you may think.  

This M&M's record keeps getting broken

Apparently, stacking M&M's — the candy that promises to melt in your mouth and not in your hands — has become all the rage in recent months. Back in December of 2016, Silvio Sabba achieved the record of stacking four of the candy-shelled chocolate treats (via Food & Wine). His record stood until the U.K.'s Will Cutbill stacked five in January 2021, but then Australia's Brendan Kelbie managed to stack six in October of the same year. Then, in April 2022, Ibrahim Sadeq of Iraq stacked seven, securing the current Guinness World Record for the Tallest Stack of M&M's. 

If you want to go for stacking eight, Sadeq has some advice, including wearing thimble-like finger covers made of fabric. "I am using a mix of mind and body focus, but people usually define it as a gravity-defying act," Sadeq claims (via Guinness World Records). If you are an expert at defying gravity, can resist eating the item you're trying to stack, and happen to own a pair of tiny finger socks, this may be the perfect endeavor for you. Happy stacking!