KFC Asked What Dipping Sauce You'd Choose Forever And Got An Unexpected Answer

KFC can go on about their famous blend of herbs and spices — and to be fair, that is a pretty big part of what makes their chicken so popular. But when you have a 12-piece bucket or a box full of tenders, you'll often also find yourself reaching for the little plastic container of dipping sauce. Are you a honey BBQ type of person? Do you crave the taste of honey mustard slathered over your drumstick? Or is the famous side of gravy your dark master? Needless to say, people enjoy something sweet, savory, or smokey to dunk their chicken, biscuits, and whatever else they order in, and the good Colonel Sanders takes notice.

In 2020, KFC introduced a new type of sauce, aptly titled "KFC Sauce," alongside "new and improved" takes on classic options like honey mustard, ranch, and honey BBQ (via The Daily Meal). With such an impressive line-up of sauces, KFC decided to ask its loyal customers on Twitter a simple question: if you could have one dipping sauce for the rest of your life, what would it be? The answers the company received were, safe to say, unexpected.

There seemed to be a demand for potato wedges

While this may come as a surprise to some, it would seem that both ranch and honey mustard have triumphed over the KFC Sauce, with honey mustard just barely taking the lead. However, some people weren't exactly concerned with the sauces, but instead with a product that has been off the menu for quite some time.

"Y'all's finger lickin good sauce with the potato wedges," Twitter user Brendin wrote. "Hey while we're on the topic of potato wedges, why not, oh idk, bring them back?"

"No sauce. Potato wedges. Bring them back." was the blunt response of user gabby, while another commenter lamented how the item was pulled "without any warning at all."

KFC did indeed remove its potato wedges in 2020. They were replaced with "Secret Recipe Fries," much to the frustration of some customers. While the batter-dipped French fries were deemed a decent new addition to the menu when they first came out (at least according to Thrillist's 2020 review), it would seem that some customers crave the thicker, starchier original offering instead. 

While KFC hasn't responded to these demands on Twitter (or anywhere else), if you find yourself craving some chunky fried spuds, we have a recipe for copycat KFC potato wedges that may help scratch that itch.