This Restaurant Takes Your Meal For A Rollercoaster Ride And Lets You Watch

There are a few things that you anticipate happening when you dine out. You expect to be given a menu, have your order taken, and then have your meal delivered to your table by your server. It's all very much a predictable affair. Yes, occasionally, the staff will sing "Happy Birthday" to a surprised patron who will, undoubtedly, turn several shades of red. Sometimes, you will encounter the eatery mascot — a singing grey mouse in a purple sweater, surrounded by a hoard of hyperactive children. You may even get to witness the fiery flash of a Bananas Foster or flaming sambuca. But, apart from a top-notch meal, most dining experiences are pretty uneventful and routine. 

Your next restaurant visit, however, does not have to involve stagnating in the status quo. Instead, you can enjoy a dining adventure unlike any you've encountered before. You can watch as your food propels its way to your table via an intricate and, seemingly, death-defying rollercoaster. Yes, both you and your meal can have fun.  

Your meal will perform two death-defying loops

You can find these restaurants in Germany, Kuwait, and other countries across the globe, and while there are currently no locations in the U.S., there is one set to open in Mexico this year. The Rollercoaster Restaurant is unlike any other eatery you have yet to experience. 

Before you receive your meal, it must go through a dizzying feat of acrobatics. According to the Alton Towers, in the UK location, the diners are perched beneath a sprawling track that includes two scream-worthy vertical loops followed by an approximately 26-foot drop to your table. Some diners even compete with neighboring tables to see whose food will whiz down the ride first. 

As this video clearly shows, kids and "big kids" alike are mesmerized by the rollercoaster action, but this delivery system offers another benefit. Foodlogist Christy Fergusson told Yahoo Life "As you watch your meal whirl round the loops of the track, your body naturally produces increased levels of saliva, priming your taste buds and increasing the enjoyment you will experience once your food arrives." And, with a menu that features a surf and turf, a falafel burger, and a selection of child-friendly fare, your palate is in for a joyride as well. 

If you long to break out of your restaurant rut and have fun with your whole family, you might enjoy a visit to the Rollercoaster Restaurant, one of the strangest restaurants you never knew existed. And if you're steak is rare enough, you may just hear the cow scream.