Here's How To Get Paid $120,000 To Drink Wine

When you think of your dream career, a bunch of imaginary versions of yourself likely spring to mind. You may see yourself receiving your own spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame; gazing upon the cover of your New York Time's best seller; crooning to a crowd of thousands of adoring fans; or dazzling diners with your signature dishes. Yes, these are the jobs of many lifelong fantasies. The ones that the masses covet, but few actually achieve.

While everyone's definition of a "dream job" is likely different, there are some gigs that almost sound too good to be true. And while "getting paid to learn about and drink wine" certainly falls under that banner, California winemaker Murphy-Goode has once again made this fantasy a reality — a real job that pays a handsome salary. The multifaceted position doesn't require expertise, either. You simply have to possess an appreciation for good wine.

A hefty salary, free rent, and a steady supply of wine

That's right. If you have a love for the nectar of fermented grapes — and a desire to share this admiration with others — you will be pleased to know that Murphy-Goode winery has the ideal position for you. Called "A Really Goode Job," the company's website promises the winning candidate a monthly salary of $10,000, free accommodations for a year, a full-spectrum education in the wine business, and a year's worth of Murphy-Goode wine. That sounds like a very sweet deal. But how does one go about securing this plum — or rather "grape" — job?  

The good news is that Murphy-Goode doesn't require you to have any winery experience. And, no, you don't have to be a Master of Wine or a Master Sommelier either. Murphy-Goode says all you need to do is show them your passion for wine by recording a video clip and sending it to them. They do, however, recommend that you showcase your unparalleled creativity and rapier wit. Not sure how to make a stand-out video? Murphy-Goode's Twitter feed is filled with clips for you to peruse from last year's finalists. If you'd love to learn the ropes from an expert winemaker and prepare for an exciting new career in the world of chardonnay, merlot, and pinot noir, you have until June 30 to submit your application. You may just land yourself "A Really Goode Job" and a whole lotta wine.