Ortega Is Giving Away A 'Year Of Free Tacos' — Here's How To Enter

The history of food has seen big brands pose even bigger questions. Klondike famously asked, "What would you do for a Klondike bar?" Snickers impatiently asked, "Hungry? Why wait?" And Wendy's had to know, "Where's the beef?" And now, another brand has entered the pantheon of edible question marks to discover people's feelings about tacos.

Ortega asked what people would be willing to give up for a year of free tacos. Judging by the responses shared on PR Newswire, tacos are truly important. Almost one-third of the 1,300+ respondents would be willing to trade a year of coffee for a year of free tacos. That's going to be a rough morning for 29% of taco lovers! Still supporting the awesomeness that is taco-based food, 34% would give up video games and 36% would forgo sports for a year of free tacos. Tacos are not, however, more important than social media, as only 19% of respondents would be willing to make this trade. 

Inspired by the responses, the prominent Mexican food grocery brand announced a sweepstakes as a celebration of Cinco de Mayo and taco love, the kind of love that screams, "I wish Taco Tuesday was all 365 days of the year." More importantly, Ortega doesn't want fans to give up anything for this contest from May 2  through May 6.

Here's what Ortega's grand prize includes

This opportunity seems to be geared toward people whose spirit animal isn't an animal at all, but a feeling uttered by people like Nicholas Megalis on Twitter. That feeling: "I need more tacos in my life." To enter the Ortega "Year of Free Tacos" Sweepstakes, taco lovers will need to visit the Ortega Sweepstake site. Entrants don't have to buy anything. It will cost the time it takes to provide just a first name, last name, and email for eligible participants ages 18 and older. The prize winner will be notified by May 12.

The "year" of free tacos includes "52 coupons for a free box of Ortega taco shells," which the brand describes as being enough shells to create more than 600 tacos, according to PR Newswire (more specifically the official rules specify a choice of Ortega Taco Shells or Ortega Fiesta Flats). In addition, the winner will get "assorted Ortega products for creating the ultimate taco," which are not listed specifically, but suggest a value of $200 in product. In addition, this lucky winner will receive a $1040 gift card to purchase the fillings for their favorite taco recipes — an amount that adds up to $20 per week just toward tacos.