The Heartwarming Instagram Ree Drummond Posted For Her Daughter's Anniversary

Most celebrity chefs these days are using social media to post recipes, collaborations, appearance schedules, and TV show announcements. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok have become, perhaps, better advertising than television or radio commercials. And while these social media arenas are a great way for the chefs to reach their audiences, they also serve another purpose.

We can often learn a bit more about our favorite celebrity chefs through their social media accounts. From Martha Stewart's Instagram posts that surprise her fans to Duff Goldman's hilarious hot dog fangirl Tweet, by following our fave chef online we get to see more of the reasons we love them.

Ree Drummond is no exception as she is revered for posting her best recipes, relatable mishaps, photos of her dogs, and family events, too. The "Pioneer Woman" has 4.1 million Instagram followers wrapped around her finger, us included.

The bride and groom chime in on Ree Drummond's post

Taking to Instagram as a special way to wish her daughter and son-in-law a happy first anniversary, Ree Drummond posted a heartwarming photo dump of the couple on their wedding day. The post is captioned, "Can't believe it's been a year. 'Twas a special, special night we will never forget. Happy first anniversary, Alex and Mauricio!! Love you both so much!"

Daughter Alex chimed in on her mother's post, exclaiming, "can't believe it either!! we love you sooo much, so thankful for the impact you had on all the wedding festivities AND our marriage." The groom popped in the comments as well to add, "I can't believe it either! What a fun night and the best year!! We love you too!! One down, many many more to come."

The post has garnered 124,000 likes and 1,251 comments thus far, with fans gushing over the pictures, offering well wishes, and adding comments about the dress, the flowers, the people, and the ambiance.