Reddit Is Divided Over An Extreme Couponer Who 'Saved' Nearly $700

We all like to save money at the grocery store when we shop. Sometimes, we wait for items to go on sale, or we clip coupons from the weekly paper. Some of us, however, get way more into it than others. Like, more into it than the Black Friday aficionados who camp out for weeks ahead of the big day (via Deal News).

Yes, we're talking about the kind of shoppers featured in shows like TLC's "Extreme Couponing," the kind of thrifty folks who clip thousands of coupons, the kind who save hundreds, yes hundreds, of dollars each time they go to the grocery store.

While there's nothing wrong with wanting to save a little money, most of us might agree that there's a line to be drawn. Making a cashier scan hundreds of coupons, some of which are expired, is not exactly cool. Just because you can take advantage of a store's lenient coupon policy, doesn't necessarily mean you should. 

Extreme couponers cost stores big money in sales

One annoyed Publix employee received mixed reactions from Reddit when they posted a photo of a miles-long receipt. They captioned the post, "Don't we love couponers — over $500 in free stuff." Oh, and an upside-down smiley face emoji. You know the one.

Several commenters in the thread were all for the use of coupons. One wrote, "That's what coupons are for, though," while another said, "Kudos to the couponer. She was working smarter in this situation." A third wrote, "Don't hate the player, hate the game, son."

Others, particularly those who also work in retail, were equally frustrated. One sympathized, saying, "Must have been a pain to verify and scan all of those coupons." The worker in the photo explained that about 75% of the coupons used on the order were fake, but the manager said to "accept them all anyway." After all the coupons were applied, the shopper paid just over $10 for nearly $600 in items. 

While we have to admit, that's an impressive saving, we can't help but feel for the cashier, too.