What Makes Farmers Markets So Unique, According To TikTok Star Jeremy Scheck - Exclusive

Imagine this: It's a summer Sunday morning, the sun is shining, and your pantry and refrigerator are just waiting to be restocked after a busy work week. Yet, you have no idea what ingredients to buy for the upcoming days ahead and lack any inspiration for recipes. Here enters ... the farmers market. Whether it's in your local town or a quick drive away, farmers markets never fail to deliver copious amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables for all your meals. Even TikTok cooking sensation Jeremy Scheck happens to look forward to farmers market days just as much as we do.

During an exclusive interview with Mashed, Scheck explained his go-to farmers market foods and the answer is pretty simple — he doesn't have any. With 2.1 million followers, the influencer explained that he purchases food based on the season, his mood, and "what looks good at the time." With no recipe in mind, Scheck explained why he enjoys shopping at markets in comparison to your everyday grocery store.

Farmers markets are much more personable

When it comes to the biggest benefits, Jeremy Scheck said he likes to talk to the sellers. He shared, "One of the biggest pleasures about being at a farmers market is actually being able to interact with the people who are growing your food. That's something that we are so disconnected from when you go to a regular grocery store." Especially if you are new to the farmers market, gathering cooking tips from locals can be extremely helpful.

Scheck continued, "I always like to talk to the sellers and ask if I don't know what something is. I say, 'How would you cook this?' 'What do you recommend?' 'What's good today?'" He then explained that, conversely, the options at the grocery store can be overwhelming, whereas recommendations from local sellers help to "demystify" the experience with so many versatile options and ideas. Scheck has taken some of those farmers market staples and created new dishes in Newell's Creative Kitchen that TikTok is loving, including the All the Veggies Pasta Primavera recipe, which features asparagus, peas, and peppadew peppers.

Learn more about Newell Creative Kitchen on their website, and head to Jeremy's TikTok page for creative recipe ideas.